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    2018 All Star Classic + Gabe Dean Clinic

    I’d love to make the event but it’s kinda hard to make the 3 1/2 hour hike after football, weights, and church from eastern Ky. If it could be held in the Lexington area “2 hour hike” I believe you’d get a few people from eastern Ky make the trip and take in the event. I know it’s hard to please everyone but this is a great event that everyone would enjoy.
  2. You never know who’s going to show up in JC’s lineup lol.
  3. Looks like a few kids still floating around and not made it on the ranking list yet.
  4. Thanks James Bond. Yes, Blue will be wrestling for JC this year. Good luck to your youngin in the upcoming season as well.
  5. Some talented kids at JC will not have spots in the starting lineup. That’s for sure. JC lineup should be solid from top to bottom.
  6. Bluesdad

    wrestlers playing football

    Blue Fletcher plays along with probably 90% of JC other wrestlers.
  7. Bluesdad

    2 Time National Champion - Lauren Walton

    Congrats Lauren you deserve it. One of the hardest workers I’ve ever been around. Keep it up.
  8. Im sure the kids will find another tournament to compete in.
  9. Heres what I’d tell ya. It sucks. Blue is a top 5 middle school wrestler in the state regardless of weight class. But you know what he got beat at state and that keeps him off the team. Give the kids that beat them a little hand clap and wish them luck they earned it that day. There’s kids that deserve to be on the team that will not be on it. That’s just the natural of the beast. Good luck team Ky.
  10. Bluesdad

    Virginia Beach Nationals

    Are you all taking any middle school aged kids?
  11. Bluesdad

    Virginia Beach Nationals

    What dates is the Va Beach nationals?
  12. I think we’ll look else where. Thanks
  13. Are kids allowed to challenge for a weight class?
  14. Bluesdad

    State recap

    That’s about as good as it gets lol.
  15. Bluesdad

    State recap

    Superman ice cream with black sprinkles it looks like lol.
  16. Bluesdad

    State recap

    But what kind of ice cream was it????
  17. Bluesdad

    State recap

    I don’t know yet where Blue will be next year. Still working on that lol.
  18. Bluesdad

    State recap

    JC will have 8-10 kids place next year with 4 of them having a real shot to win a state championship. Pierce, Horn, Horn, and Jackson. Should be a great season for JC next year.
  19. Bluesdad

    State recap

    I wasn’t trying to take anything away from any other program in the state. If it seems that way I apologize coach. Woodford is the all time best program in the state with Union the best right now. Any kid would be lucky to wrestle for either program. There’s a lot of great programs in the state. Johnson Central here out east. Woodford, St. X, in central Ky and Union our west. There are many other great programs but these seem to be the ones in the fore front right now.
  20. Bluesdad

    State recap

    Union County is the best program in the state right now. Anyone to try and discount the run they have had and are still on is just nuts. Jealousy is a green eyed monster. Congrats Union County on a top notch program!
  21. Bluesdad

    Mason Smith- 5 Time Region 6 Champion

    I’m pretty sure Geordon Blanton from JC is a 5 or 6 time regional champ.
  22. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    Exactly why we preach to Blue grades are the most important thing to his future. Regardless if he can wrestle or play any sport for that matter at all if he has good grades doors will always be open. If his grades aren’t where they should be he doesn’t particiapate in any after school function. Thankfully he understands this and we’ve never had to step in and not let him compete. He concentrates in school and keeps his grades where they should be and we’re very thankful for that. He’s an alright kid I guess lol.
  23. Bluesdad

    Middle School State

    Thanks buddy Blue appreciates that. Blue meet every challenge this year from all challengers in and out of state even the eventually 140lb state champion except that one. You know that’s what is great about wrestling. You can be beating the brakes off a kid then all it takes is one mistake and your perfect season is over. But props to Koepp and all the MS state champions this year.
  24. Bluesdad


    You never know. Almost always that one upset no one seen coming.