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  1. It's that time of the year! Kentucky is always represented well in Fort Wayne and it's been fun seeing the growth of Kentucky wrestling before my eyes. Registration is now open and going to fill up quickly. I hope to see many of the same faces again this year.
  2. As per usual, people are waiting until the last minute to register. This won't be as big as IHPO, yet. It will be well ran and the competition will be solid.
  3. The past five years Kentucky has always brought strong contingents to this event. There are always many great wrestlers from around the midwest and more at this event. We will be at the same location as last year and have upped the limit of athletes to 800. Hope to see you there! Information Stud List
  4. We have a new event this fall sponsored by IndianaMat this will feature 8U, 11U, Middle School, Women's High School, and Women's Middle School divisions. It will be held at Mount Vernon High School in Fortville, Indiana(just northeast of Indianapolis). The early entries are starting to fill in and it looks to be a very good event. This will be a much shorter drive for those that are coming to IHPO. Information
  5. IndianaJoe

    Hoosier Preseason

    Here is the updated information on the event.
  6. IndianaJoe

    Hoosier Preseason

    We always have great representation from Kentucky. Check our social media and website tonight for an announcement. We are dotting some i's and crossing some t's, but things are looking good.
  7. IndianaJoe

    Indianamat preseason open

    Picking against the #1 kid in the country?
  8. IndianaJoe

    Indianamat preseason open

    Hopefully they sign up today as we will likely sell out today.
  9. IndianaJoe

    Indianamat preseason open

    You should just hitch a ride with the others coming. We have really good pizza in the concession stand.
  10. IndianaJoe

    Indianamat preseason open

    That's fixed
  11. IndianaJoe

    Indianamat preseason open

    Here is information on this year's event on September 8th. It is five weeks away from one of the best preseason tournaments in the region. We have always had a great representation from Kentucky with many of the top guys making the trek to Fort Wayne and doing extremely well. As always we will have many college coaches in attendance as the past few years we have seen 20+ from NJCAA, NAIA, DIII, DII, and DI coming to take in the action. We will cap out registration at the first 650 paid entries so get signed up soon. Here are some important links. Info Page Stud List Registration Link We have also partnered with Dollamur to provide a great mat special for this event ONLY! Mats are starting at $6,425 and can be customized to your needs. See the attached file for more info. Hoosier Pre Season Mat Blowout.pdf
  12. IndianaJoe

    IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open September 9th

    Yes, Deck brothers....long day yesterday and I'm still recovering.
  13. IndianaJoe

    IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open September 9th

    As always Kentucky brings a tough crew up here every year. I think they even bring more kids that Michigan most years and we are about 45 minutes from the Michigan border. The Gentry brothers had awesome days, congrats on the titles and being the first brothers to win IHPO titles. Kentucky wrestling is definitely getting better every year. Thanks to all those that made the trip to the Hoosier state. Next year will be the 10th IHPO, mark your calendar for September 8th.
  14. IndianaJoe

    IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open September 9th

    Kentucky kids have had a lot of success at the IHPO. It is great to see the growth of Kentucky wrestling first hand. Last year we had over 20 colleges represented at the event from NJCAA to DI coaches.
  15. As we start to shift our focus from the international styles back to folkstyle the preseason tournaments are on the radar. In the past we have had a lot of great Kentucky guys head up north and perform extremely well. We are looking forward to many other great wrestlers to come this year. Here is the information on this year's event on September 9th. Registration is now open and we will cap the registration at 650 paid entries.