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  1. paulham

    wrestling and the economy

    I think that economical restraints on individuals can severely hurt their advancement in this specific sport. However in sports like basketball and baseball you can either get a group of friends on the street to play the sport and better yourself. However in wrestling you need to have technical training which is $400 for 5 days and most families especially in today's economy don't have the necessary money to keep their kids constantly Wrestling and improving.
  2. paulham

    Potential match ups

    I just think it was break tine for me just a bit before nationals... I was worn out from wrestling from wrestling all season
  3. paulham

    Potential match ups

    I was in my computer class and had all my assignments done so I did. And I can't really imagine anyone putting in more time and effort than I have to wrestling. I like to have fun while wrestling and during my OFF season I think its okay to not have to go through a structured practice the whole time. Every kid needs a break
  4. paulham

    Potential match ups

    bobo smash
  5. paulham

    National Training Saturday @ SK

    , and I wasn't goofing off. I was just letting him know I had already weight lifted that day
  6. paulham

    Thanks Ranger

    Good luck at wherever your path takes you.
  7. paulham

    KY vs The world

    I think coach B has always had a strong schedule especially for a KY team, but most of CC's varsity lineup is average and or above, and taking a few good beatings here and there will ultimately make you a much tougher wrestler in the long run. For instance my freshman year got teched 17-2 both times at gmv. I came back the next year and got 6th, and then 2nd. So what I'm saying is take those lumps and get them outta the way so that you can compete at a higher level and then be the one ti.give the beatings, I would love if we went to ironman...
  8. paulham

    March 10th @ Central Hardin

    Is it too late to sign up? I may need to strap back on the shoes and get back in shape..
  9. paulham

    Hardest Weight to Place?

    Yes it was like 8-6 that was rosado
  10. paulham

    NKY Open Mats and Nationals Training

    I think CC is sending some kiddies your way starting next week
  11. paulham


    When CC dualed glen este, I was not in attendance and gave up a forfeit at that weight. And I beat Kyle deeter who placed 4th in OH state at the gmvwa. Garth majored stiener and beat Max, anyone who says Ky can't compete with OH is crazy. Our depth may not be like OH but we are definitely able to compete with them in our top 3 at most weight classes
  12. paulham

    Class of 2013

    Wow there sailor i don't ever brag on myself. But no I'm to busy getting fat
  13. paulham

    State Team Scores

    Were do you sign up for nationals?
  14. paulham

    State Team Scores

    You gotta remember we still had points scorers at those weight classes, Bachman beat the kid who placed 4th earlier this year
  15. paulham

    Dedication and Commitment

    He's got Austin Myer, and a heavyweight coach.