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  1. NKYCoach


    I don’t think they have that far back. The earliest I have seen on their YouTube is 2013.
  2. NKYCoach


    Does anyone have film of the 2005 state finals? I’d love to get my hands on the entire event.
  3. NKYCoach

    State recap

    I agree thwith dungeon was the premier spot. I wanted to come down for the finals this year but the KHSAA doesn’t give a time. It lumps it in with the the medal rounds.
  4. NKYCoach

    Region 3 Tourney Update

    Thats not what the rule says. That may have been what you were told but that's not what it states. I understand your frustrated and have every right to be. To point fingers and call others fools is getting you nowhere. Only making you look foolish. It is unfortunate your son didn't get an opportunity to wrestle but your going about it the wrong way. I'm sure every coach that has been involved in this sport has been in a similar situation. I lost my best wrestler and a state placer 3 years ago in the same circumstance.
  5. NKYCoach

    Region 3 Tourney Update

    As a coach with no dog in this fight the rules are and always have been CRYSTAL clear about ringworm. An official can overrule a doctor note if they feel the infection is contagious to other wrestlers. They are trying to protect other wrestlers from being infected two weeks before the state tournament. There are multiple options available that doctors can prescribe to have ringworm cleared in a matter of days. I feel for the wrestler but to point the fingers at the officials is unfair. A oral steroid could have cured the ringworm within days where the wrestler would have been cleared to wrestle. I don't think there is a coach or an official that would put their teams success ahead of seeing the best wrestler win (we are here for the children not our egos). I understand you are upset because your son was crushed today but don't make false accusations. It makes you and your organization look foolish.
  6. NKYCoach

    East Oldham Duals? 12/6/14?

    Big Kudos to Coach Brown and Coach Wheeler on a great tournament! Running a tournament with that many kids and teams and running and smooth as they did couldn't be done by many. I don't think it could have been ran any better!
  7. NKYCoach

    Region 6 Predictions

    Touche EaglesPride1 I agree with you a 100%. I think it will be a tough match.
  8. NKYCoach

    Region 6 Predictions

    I haven't seen much HS wrestling this year but I don't see ATM losing to anyone in this region, state, tri-state, or this side of the Mississippi. The kid is as talented as they come and pound for pound one of the best wrestlers the state has seen. I could see him wrestling tough matches on a national stage but not in this state or area. I know people are setting back waiting to see him fail but he is a 17 year old kid. Set back and enjoy the show. I am really interested in seeing the Thompson/Mueller match in the finals should be a real battle. I just see Thompson being to driven to lose over the next 2 weeks. On a personal level I know he has invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for the next 10 days. I am not taking away or disregarding any kids efforts. They have all busted their tails to get here. I'm excited to see the tournament this weekend and best of luck to all of the wrestlers.
  9. NKYCoach

    Anywhere but Alltech, Please

    That was my first experience and I was not impressed. The fact they cant keep dirt off of the floor and mats is absurd. Also I have heard at the youth level there were allergy issues, and the finals were not near as neat as they were in Frankfort. I would say take it back to Frankfort! Parking was fine, seating was fine, and the arena was darker then Lexington. Also can we please step the medals up?! Half dollars are larger then the medals! If the middle school can afford the medals provided the KHSAA sure better be able too.
  10. NKYCoach

    Worth the price of admission alone!

    Congrats to Lane! I know this has always been a goal of his and I am glad I was there to witness it! Hard work pays!
  11. NKYCoach

    126 Bracket

    Very excited to see TJ and Brock on the opposite side of one another. To often we have those match ups in the semis.
  12. NKYCoach

    Middle School State

    I thought the tournament was great! The officiating was awesome and I seen few complaints from coaches. I think often we are quick to point out terrible officitating but do not applaud it when its good. So thumbs up to all the officials that ran the tournament!
  13. NKYCoach


    IMO its not that bad of a day. It last no longer then a average High School tournament with 8 man brackets. I think the more kids the better off we are at this age. The sport needs to continue to grow and the compeition in the state needs to get better. Be thankful we are in and out of there in 10 hours Ohio's Youth Tournament is a 2 or 3 day event and that follows a week after the Middle School State Tournament which is a 2 or 3 day event. If I could suggest anything at all it would be to increase the tournament by a day or run it again the following week and have state champs per weight and not per bracket.
  14. NKYCoach

    Ryle- State tournament

    I think Ryle's staff is as a capable of winning a state title as any coaching staff in the state. The take their teams to tough tournaments year in and year out, they do an excellent job at coaching young talent, and they are always in the hunt. Ryle's day will come its just a matter of time. They have an excellent youth staff coach by Mike and Matt Lee, and a great Middle School staff who are always one of the top 4 schools in the state.