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    Commodore Duals

    Any individual result winners from each weight
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    Evansville Reitz Hill Classic

    Evansville Reitz, located in Evansville, Indiana(just north of the river from Henderson) has their annual "Hill Classic" December 1st. We currently have six teams and run a five dual format. We are looking at possibly changing it up if we can get a few more teams. Current teams are: Evansville Reitz, Evansville Central, Evansville Bosse, Evansville North, Terre Haute North and Jasper. If you are interested, please contact Scott Ferguson at the following email address: We are also looking for one more week night dual possibly. We would be willing to travel approximately during the week around an hour or so and we would like to see some different teams in the tournament and/or a dual meet. We wrestle Trinity and Union County during the regular season already. Thanks and good luck to all this season, Scott Ferguson Evansville Reitz
  3. Evansville Reitz, located in Evansville, Indiana is in need of one team, two would be great to fill out an 8 team dual meet format tournament. There will be a one pound allowance on Friday December 3rd and a two pound allowance on Saturday, December 4th. In the past, each team would wrestle 3 matches on Friday and 4 matches on Saturday. Current teams are: Terre Haute North, Jasper, Evansville Central, Evansville Bosse, Evansville Reitz and Charlestown. We had a western Kentucky team back out on us..Now we are trying to fill their spot. If interested, please contact me at Thanks so much, Scott Ferguson Evansville Reitz
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    Hill Classic in Evansville, Indiana

    I have seen that several have viewed the post but no replies yet. Anyone out there that would like to step up and commit to the tourney is welcome. We would like to have a different team come down and get some pretty good competiton. See last post for more information. I can supply any team with hotel info if they would like.
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    Hill Classic in Evansville, Indiana

    Evansville Reitz, Indiana is located just across the river from Henderson, Ky and we are seeking one team to fill a spot for an 8 team dual format. Your team would get three matches on Friday, December 3rd and four matches on December 4th(usually done by 1:30p.m. or so). Current teams are: Charlestown(near Louisville), Jasper, Evanvsville Central, Evansville Bosse, Evansville, Reitz, Terre Haute North, Paducah Tilghman. We would prefer to not have a team that we compete against all the time or at least see several times. It is a good dual meet tourney with some good competition and a good hospitality room for coaches. Please contact 812-746-7288 if interested. We would love to have another team around the Louisville area. Thanks, Coach Ferguson Evansville Reitz