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  1. Maybe we will get to see them a raider rumble . Most will be at it .
  2. We have 6 stop lights , all in a 2 mile line
  3. I think union has 47 as of 2014 , counting multi time winners also
  4. Saul was winning both matches he lost with under 20 secs to go
  5. Wky

    Bluegrass games weigh in

    Any results?
  6. I'd say you are headed the right direction!
  7. Ranger you and your buddy Dutch get P4P together yet ?
  8. Where is St.Catherine ?
  9. Wky

    Tournament of Champions 2014

    I'd say the majority of the kids in 8th grade capable of winning a state title are supposed to be freshmen ,
  10. Wky

    Scholastic Duals

    I could be wrong but I thought he wrestled the same kid both times on the 2 minnasota teams . I don't think the maroon had a 132 .
  11. Wky

    Scholastic Duals

    Bryce sheffer
  12. Wky

    Scholastic Duals

    Ky blue won 3 against minnasota
  13. Wky

    Scholastic Duals

    All the matches are on ihigh , mat 1 about the 2:48 into the day you can watch it
  14. Wky

    Team KY Middle School

    Impressive Gavin Brown going 5-0 as a 5th grader , good job to all !
  15. Wky

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    Fahy won 5 middle school state championships , I would assume that started in 4th grade .unless he was held back .
  16. Wky

    Seeding State Tournament?

    I'd say you have the 2,3,4,5 all on that side
  17. Wky

    highly contested weight classes

    Few kids capable of making noise on top of these Hanson n. Hardin ( beat binder ) Roberts woodford (beat vega) Smith Walton Verona Skaqqs 4th last yr
  18. Wky

    State tournament time table

    May need more of this , this is who it affects !!
  19. I'd put my money on Ervin and I believe he could win it ! Vega has lost to 3 different kids in ky , not sure how he's ahead of Binder after loosing to him
  20. Wky

    Union County in St. Louis

    Think the kid that won 145 got MOW
  21. Wky

    Union County Results

    Uc vs Christian bro. Missouri 43-24 Uc vs lee summit. 36-31 Uc vs unified. 59-15 Uc vs Belleville west. 47-24 Uc vs oak forest river park 33-36 Union was missing Dezember, Blackwell, and Gahafer ( all sick)