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  1. Pretty sure Oxford only lost 6-5 to the champ last yr , that's pretty close to being slick enoug
  2. Wky

    Region 1

    Brackets are on track
  3. I'm sure it will happen on Saturday morning , one will get 1st and one will get 3rd . When they both probably should of been state champs .
  4. Wky

    State Duals Updates

    5-2 sheffer
  5. Wky

    Helpful state duals info

    There is talk of Johnson dropping to 138 ,we will know in the morning .
  6. Wky

    Region 1 Rankings 1/25/17

    Yep , not faulting just informing
  7. Wky

    Region 1 Rankings 1/25/17

    Retry sure both unions 126 kids beat the McCracken kid in the last month
  8. Wky

    Should u Wrestle YEAR Round?

    I Looked that up , Super impressive ! I'd say thats a rare talent
  9. Wky

    Region 1 Rankings 12/31

    I'd say he is a dangerous kid to wrestle
  10. Wky

    1/25/17 Region 2 Rankings

    Keep hearing John Hardin is going to do some dropping , we should know Saturday
  11. Wky

    State Duals ?

    My guess is they would , but it would most likely be a coaches decision. I think that's what has been done in the past .
  12. Wky

    Region 1 Duals

    Not sure they had any varsity kids.
  13. Wky

    Region 1 Duals

    My guess is they are big school.
  14. Wky

    Union County vs Father Ryan (TN)

    Match them up with a good team . Can't explain the second part .
  15. Wky

    Summer Camps

    Union county camp is June 6-8 not sure on price
  16. Wky

    Summer Camps

    Union still has one .
  17. Considering Sheffer knocked off 4 of the 8 state placers to win the bracket. Oh, did I mention he had TF, MD, Fall, Fall, and Fall over Cambron in the finals. TF ,fall , fall , fall ,fall . Lol
  18. Wky

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Curious how many times a team has won state and the coach didn't recieve Coach of the Year . Anybody ?
  19. Lights out ,single mat , it doesn't have to be the #1 kid in the. country to make the atmosphere . Frankfort Convention Center .
  20. Nick is a class act too . I'd be surprised if he acted any different had he won . I've also seen him get the best of Red in a practice room . Nothing to loose there but still did it.
  21. I'd say all Nicks matches this year where leading up to state , not sure he wrestled a match during the season .
  22. I thought we had finals like that in Frankfort , with lights out and single mat lit up .
  23. Wky


    He slipped a little and won 20-5 on a tech fall