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    Middle School Region Results

    Only know a few 70 Saul Ervin union beat larue in finals 75. Bryce Sheffer union beat Jake Burroughs finals 82 chance Oxford union beat Dillan grey finals 96 jerimiah Kline won 103 Robert smith union beat Christian county Finals 124 Jackson Oxford 1st 130 Christian county beat union in finals Hwt raynell brown beat Christian co finals
  2. Wky

    State duels

    Sounds like great weekend of wrestling ! What determines who gets to come ?
  3. Wky

    Regional results?

    Any region results?
  4. Reckon there's any chance this will Go on this weekend?
  5. Wky

    District 2 ?

    Any results from district 2
  6. Wky

    District 5 (Updates)

    Only know a few . Union 247 ? Christian 180 1st 70. Saul Ervin union. 2nd Caleb Hammond cald. 75. 1st Bryce Sheffer union 2nd skyler martinson Davies 82. 1st Chance oxford. Union 2nd dillan grey cald. 96. 1st Kline trigg 103.1st Robert smith 124.1st Jackson Oxford union 130.1st Christian ricketson union Hvwt. Raynell brown union
  7. Wky

    District 5 (Updates)

    What's results on district 6
  8. Wky

    Region 1 Predictions

    Was that jakes first match of the yr
  9. Wky

    North Oldham Dominator

    Any results on 70, 75
  10. At 75 who beat wells ,burroughs or Martin
  11. Wky

    The Middle School List

    Christian Ricketson (union)will be a contender At 131
  12. Wky

    Beast of the East

    Pretty sure kid caleb beat had just Won super 32
  13. Wky

    Union vs Trinity

    Assume thats Sheffer at 160
  14. Wky

    Oldham Middle Super Duals Dec 18th Opening

    Did the opening ever get filled ?
  15. Wky

    Hey Ranger, We Need You!!!!

    I'd say you could throw Saul Ervin in the mix at 70
  16. Wky

    Hey Ranger, We Need You!!!!

    Sheffer is going 75
  17. Wky

    Hey Ranger, We Need You!!!!

    Smith will be at 103 ,Oxford most likely 124 , Sheffer at 75
  18. The mat .com has it all
  19. Wky

    TEAM KENTUCKY!!!!!!!

    Any more individual results
  20. Wky

    2010 Middle School State Championships

    70 Bryce Sheffer union 1st 75 AJ Binder. Fern. 1st 150. Devin Smith union 1st 165. Joe Gaines. Union 1st
  21. Wky

    State Duals

    Smith won was up 10 -2 got taken down late time or 2 ended up 12- 6 I think
  22. Wky

    state champs

    Would like to see Jake Burroughs and Bryce Sheffer(union )meet up in semi finals at state.At regionals it was a good match Jake reversed Bryce with 13 sec. to win 4-3.