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  1. mat-king

    Win - Loss Program
  2. mat-king

    New Finals Format?

    Still the heavy guys know that you are changing it because of them! Keep it the way it is, if the khsaa has a slight clue they wont change it up. Just because they dont hit super ducks as fast and they hit knee picks instead of ankle picks means nothing. It is just another type of wrestling. and hey if I remember correctly at the end of this year the wrestler most were talking about was one class below heavy lol
  3. mat-king

    New Finals Format?

    Leave it alone. What message would that give to the heavy guys "hey you wrestle slow and no one likes you so you will now wrestle in the middle or first" That is wrong. And thats even coming from some one who finished his high school season at 152. But come on we are not the ncaa, and with doing that in middle school? WHAT they are even younger and imagine what they will think when they get passed off and basically told that no one wants to watch them wrestle. NCAA I understand because they are trying to boost ratings and those are MEN. But here in KY we are still young for the most part. We all talk about how wrestling builds up a young man to be great but what you do when you tell the big guys that no is interested in them wrestling...... that is complete opposite. It will tear them down.
  4. mat-king

    McDonough's Medal

    "I read many places and saw some photos saying/showing McDonough throwing away his second place medal. Someone standing there took it out of the trash and posted the picture online. If I knew how to post a photo I would. I didn't see how he acted on the podium or if this was done in front of everyone, but I wonder what your thoughts on this are?" Seen this on yappi. WOW is all I can think to say
  5. mat-king

    Returning olympic medals

    I agree completely, standing where I am now I think i could but I dont have one so...........
  6. mat-king

    Returning olympic medals

    Seen on the indiana forums that some wrestlers will be returning olympic medals in protest. So my question is do you think this will help, and could you return your medal if you had one?
  7. mat-king

    Top 8 at 152

    Who do you predict will place?
  8. mat-king

    Coach Branch

    The Branch family has been a good bunch to me and my team mates at moore. They never have a negative thing to say about anyone or anything. My prayers go out to Coach and his boy's. Praying for a speedy recovery. - K. Keller
  9. mat-king

    Rumble in the Hive

    Think they might still be in a "program building stage" website for the school shows they have a team but does not have a schedule or any info.
  10. mat-king


    #14 C. Smith unless something has changed should still be at 152. He was there for the Rumble. Think he only lost to Jones by 2.
  11. mat-king

    This almost made me cry

    Wow! That is great to see! Can say that kid has earned alot of respect by doing that!
  12. mat-king

    Rumble in the Hive

    How did KSB do?
  13. mat-king

    Rumble in the Hive

    I think its great i see ksb listed. Any word on how many kids they have this year? That is total inspiration to see that!!!!
  14. mat-king

    New Team!

    Taylor co. High. This is good to hear about them getting a new team!! Seen on Facebook they had a dual with Barren co. and Danville, does anyone know the results. How many teams does that make for KY?
  15. mat-king


    Is that Trinity's A or B??