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  1. Where are the numbers for this? Thought the turnout would be better.
  2. wolfpackwrestling

    Tournament or Super Dual 1/16

    Are there any tournament or super dual openings for 1/16 2021?
  3. wolfpackwrestling


    Who is at Male this weekend?
  4. wolfpackwrestling

    Individual Tournament

    Any openings for 12/20?
  5. wolfpackwrestling

    Need to get in to tournaments

    Sent you a pm
  6. wolfpackwrestling

    Need teams 12-20

    Crawford County, Indiana needing a few squads for a 6 way on 12-20. Reply or send message if interested. 30 minutes west of Louisville.
  7. Need teams for a 12/20 6 way at Crawford County, Indiana. The school is located roughly 1 hour west of Louisville. We will have weight class champions along with an outstanding wrestler award and a team champion. Msg me for details
  8. wolfpackwrestling

    Best Wrestling Mat Company

    Dollamur is in my opinion the best way to go.
  9. wolfpackwrestling

    ky state champs vs in state champs

    Myers is getting no love across the river. Robinson 4th in the latest FLO rankings is being picked by everyone commenting. Myers 7th according to FLO
  10. wolfpackwrestling


    I have heard there will be a fair number taking their ACT's from all squads involved. Hope to get to see Kelley and Kemper in decent matchup or two. Kelley is a scoring monster. Did he get to wrestle Myers last year?
  11. wolfpackwrestling


    Guys to keep an eye on 106 Tristan Garcia Male #18 Lake Phillips Evansville Central UR 113 120 Hunter McCormick Evansville Central UR Andrew Patton Crawford County UR 126 Lucas McClain Boyle County #9 Keenan McDaniel Evansville Central #5 in Semi-State 132 Terrell Roberts Bourbon County #11 AJ Dixon Evansville Central UR 138 Leland Phelps Male #14 Forrest Vaughn Bourbon County #19 145 Alex Wright Bourbon County #6 152 Cristian Salas Louisville Central #9 Brendon Kelly Evansville Central #1 in Indiana 160 Isaiah Kemper Evansville Central #8 in Indiana 170 Jacob Smith Evansville Central UR Hayden Fell Crawford County UR 182 Jake Fooks Bourbon County #5 Austin Guerrero Male #14 195 Kody Socco Boyle County #9 Jacob Sweden Male #13 Caleb Hart Evansville Central UR 220 Garrett Chandler Male #7 HWT Jorge Mendes Bourbon County #7
  12. wolfpackwrestling

    Raider Rumble

    Columbus East kid is ranked 3rd now at 132
  13. wolfpackwrestling

    Raider Rumble

    Returning regional qualifiers for Columbus East: 106 Will Conner sectional runner up 113 Jake Martindale 3rd sectional 126 Dalton Noblitt sectional champ regional runner up 3rd semi-state ranked 5th in state at 132 138 Cody Reichenba 3rd sectional 160 Maurice Dantzier 3rd sectional Usually a tough team with one of the best football programs in the state of Indiana. Lots of athletes and they tend to replace their losses rather well.
  14. wolfpackwrestling

    Need 1 team for Jan 11th

  15. wolfpackwrestling

    Need 1 team for Jan 11th 6way

    Current teams are: Mt. Carmel (Illinois), Tecumseh(IN), Wood Memorial (IN),Salem (IN) and Crawford County (IN) Located roughly 40 minutes from Louisville off of Interstate 64. Teams will get 5 matches and medals will be earned for individual weight class champs as well as a trophy for the team champ. Feel free to message me on here or call me at 812-972-4150 Jimmy Ward