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  1. sigep567

    2015 Ranger Report

    I've kept quite about a wrestler all year while his rankings didn't reflect his skills, but reading this report is a slap in the face to this kid. Riley Hawes at 152 has done pretty good this year. He has 2 losses at 152. One to Barton in the finals of the Dragon and one to Ray in the Semis of Region. All of his results are on Track. He wrestles in some pretty good tournaments that get state recognition so I don't know how his accomplishments get overlooked. He's 2-1 against Ray (I think Ray is underrated too) He's beat Hoffman everytime they wrestled this year He's beat Reithauer multiple times this year The kid is for real and no one at 152 wants to see him in their bracket, including Ackley in the second round.
  2. sigep567

    ETC practice schedule

    Is this something wrestlers can just show up to with a USA wrestling card or do they have to register somewhere?
  3. sigep567

    Belt Series # 2 at Owensboro

    Please post any results from the first tournament
  4. sigep567

    Abbreviated Ranger Report

    Neverbreak - You think Region 4 is a weak region?
  5. sigep567

    Weight Classes toughest to weakest

    Talent meaning there were about 14 wrestlers that had the ability to finish top 5 in that weight class. I few returning placers didn't place in that weight class. There was nowhere to hide, no easy match. If you won, your next match was a high ranking, skilled, tough oppenent. If you lost, same thing.
  6. sigep567

    Weight Classes toughest to weakest

    138 was the deepest as far as talent goes.
  7. sigep567


    Two Eighty Franck - I officiated and am now a coach. Even with my officiating experience I still have issues with refs. My kid won the match that you claim the St. X kid got cheated. You are welcome to have your own opinion. Control is established beyond reaction time. I agree that reaction time is subjective, just like a lot of our rules are. I wouldn't go as far as to say a kid was cheated based off of your opinion of what reaction time is. My opinion is the match wouldn't have even been in overtime if the ref hadn't made a poor call for the St. X wrestler. My kid earned that win. It was hard faught and no one gave him anything.
  8. sigep567

    State Tournament Prediction Contest 2014

    14 - ATM (220) 13 - Brock Ervin (132) 12 - Nathan Boston (120) 11 - Justin Lampe (152) 10 - Sean Fausz (138) 9 - Dominic Lampe (160) 8 - Trae Blackwell (126) 7 - Darrius Parrott (195) 6 - Clay Brown (145) 5 - Mikey Smith (182) 4 - John Hernandez (113) 3 - Tucker Hurst (106) 2 - Zack Lawson (285) 1 - Ki Ryder (170) Team - Union Co. 185 pts
  9. sigep567

    Rankings for 138, 145, 152, 170

    Based on resent results and people changing weights below are my rankings for 138, 145, 152, &170 heading into region. 138 Sean Fausz Campbell Co. Ben Barton Trinity Raymundo Perez Larue Co. Chris Gilkey Caldwell Co. Conner Wilkerson Oldham Co. Jackson Oxford Union Co. David Tuduri Henry Clay Dylan West North Hardin Angel Vazques Lafayette Brian Hedrick Fort Campbell Nathan Thompson DeSales Nathan Haddad St. X Leland Phelps Male Cameron Bryant Eastern Bryce Dean Sheldon Clark 145 Clay Brown Walton Verona Chad Gahafer Union Co. Max Andreoni Woodford Co. Mike Whalen Henry Clay Kevi Matlock Christian Co. Jarred Branch Fern Creek Ian Kahl Trinity Josh Jude Johnson Central Andrew Bailey Cooper Alex Wright Bourbon Co. Jon Little North Hardin Isaiah Frank Calloway Co. Ryan Gallogly Trigg Co. Shawn Stacy Sheldon Clark Jack Dome Ryle 152 Justin Lampe St. X Kegan Agnew Caldwell Co. Jon Belk Ryle Andrew Ackley Nelson Co. Austin Jackson Dixie Heights Jon Green Lafayette Trey Norton Fairdale Sam Gnadinger Oldham Co. Riley Hawes Eastern Robert Bussell Hopkinsville Bryce Hoffman Fern Creek Zach Thompson Belfry Michael Lester Moore John Reitnauer North Oldham Cristian Salas Central 170 Johnny Meiman Ryle Ki Ryder Ft. Campbell Max Emerson Oldham Co. Dustin Turner Campbell Co. Lucas Miozza Trinity Casey Mink Wayne Co. Dereck Hicks Simon Kenton Caleb Ray St. X Josh Case Eastern Isaac Lawson Hopkinsville Xavier Pate Christian Co. Hunter Bailey Cooper Sam Griffith Johnson Central Caleb Barrett Southern Stephen Savage Madison Central Jackson Avant Lafayette
  10. sigep567

    State tournament time table

    How about when the 106 championship final is supposed to start they just don't wrestle. All coaches would have to be in agreement that their wrestler does not step on the mat. I'm talking from 106 all the way to heavy. They can't make them wrestle. It would be a PR nightmare if they started forfeiting both kids and didn't have a true Champion.
  11. sigep567

    mustang classic

    Here is the list I have: Boone, Central, Dixie Heights, Doss, Eastern, Fern Creek, Fort Knox, Franklin Co., Holly Cross, McCreary Central, Moore, North Hardin, North Oldham, Oldham Co., PRP, South Oldham, Spencer Co., Trinity, University Heights, Valley, and Walton Verona. I think Franklin Co. rescheduled their home tourny for this weekend, so I don't know how they would be at North Oldham. We'll see what happens. Are the teams up north going to be able to travel? If everyone shows up it will be a great tournament.
  12. sigep567


    Rankings are a huge undertaking if you care about getting the information correct. Ranger has done a great job for years and I hope he keeps doing rankings. Last year, I put out a top 10 and it took forever to put together. I felt knowlegable about three weight classes this year (138. 145, 170), so I put my own rankings out again. I'm sure Ranger could careless if anyone post what there ramkings are for Regions or weight classes. So, I will continue posting my rankings and everyone else should as well. I will continue looking forward to comparing my rankings to the ones Ranger post.
  13. sigep567

    Rankings for 138/145/170

    admin285 - I have nothing against Kahl. I think he could beat anyone at 145. The results your are talking about are a year old. I don't want to take anything away from Jared Branch, but he is more of a 132-138 and he beat Kahl less than a week ago. Brown has only lost to Justin Lampe in state, so Brown gets the higher ranking. They get to wrestle each other this weekend, so we will see.
  14. sigep567

    Rankings for 138/145/170

    Kahl might have been in the top three to me, but he was beat last week at sectionals by Jared Branch - Fern Creek. The word was Kahl was sick, but who knows. Andreoni is tough. I have seen him wrestle Brown and Whalen this year. He lost both, but the Brown match was very competitive. I don't think Andreoni wins it all this year, but no doubt the kid will have multiple state championships when it is all said and done.
  15. sigep567

    Rankings 170 and 195 Jan22 2014

    I left Avant, T. Ray, and Roland off of my rankings at 170. They all deserve consideration for the top 15 for sure. Your 182 rankings look good.