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  1. I know it's easy to bash the KHSAA leadership, and I'm not here to defend them.  It does bother me that the wrestling background is missing from the leadership group that makes decisions for our sport.  How hard would it be to find a reputable, successful, and experienced wrestling coach to take the reigns as commissioner of wrestling for the KHSAA?


    I also hope someone will keep track of participant numbers, particularly those who drop out due to moving the tournament to the second week of March.  Some will drop because they have moved on to baseball / track season, others because they simply ran out of gas in February, and I can't help but think that others will drop because they simply don't want to manage their weight for another three weeks.  I don't know what better scenario is out there, but moving the tourney until mid-March will be especially hard on some wrestlers (and coaches).   

  2. I know some of these weights have changed: Hoffman-FC (152), Barrett-Sout (170), Childress-PRP out for the season with a back injury, Weird-Fair (220), and Steven Brown-Doss (195).  There may be other changes also, but I know of these.  North Bullitt's 170 is pretty decent, and Bullitt East does have several solid, as does Bullitt Central. 

  3. I would love to see our state target Bowling Green as an area to expand our sport.  The number one greatest commitment to Bowling Green would be to hold our state tournament there for several years.  That would showcase the sport in that area, and it would also show the "powers that be" that wrestling brings good crowds and there is public interest. 

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  4. Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Louisville is also looking for an Assistant Coach. This coach will continue the development of the upper weights, so experience wrestling the heavier style is required. If interested, contact Athletic Director, Craig.Webb@jefferson.kyschools.us or Head Coach, Joseph.Frech@jefferson.kyschools.us.

  5. I know there are numerous names that could be mentioned, such as Tendai and Knable from St. X.  A name I rarely hear is Don Blevins from Fern Creek.  I'm pretty sure he was a transplant from Indiana or Ohio, but I believe he won state 3x and was undefeated in the state of Kentucky for all three years that he wrestled here.  The years were 92, 93, and 94, I believe.  Maybe someone from Fern Creek can verify / correct some of this info.  He was a beast.

  6. I know it's pretty early to begin talking about open mats, as most of us are still catching our breath. However, I know some returners who became really hungry watching the state finals. Please begin posting this info so I can keep my kids working.

  7. I have seen this same topic every year since I began as a head coach (finishing 6th season), and someone always posts that if we perceive an issue we should all become officials. First thought is who would coach and most of us wouldn't get any work because of the influx. Becoming an official doesn't solve the problem.

    Most refs, especially at state, truly are the best. I rarely have had a complaint. With that said, all of us know at least one ref who doesn't stay on top of the match, gets out of position, and / or misses or makes a call at a critical moment. I assume they all work hard and genuinely want to improve their abilities. I don't think there is a solution.

    To me the big issue is the inconsistency. One ref is big on stalling, the other is keenly observant of riding the hips. One ref will call stalling when a wrestler takes a step back, as we were told they have been instructed to do, while others simply seem not to notice the back peddling across the mat.

    At the end of the day, all of us have a tough job and we all make judgment calls pertaining to our responsibilities. There is no real solution about the refs, and all of us becoming officials to fix the problem is ludicrous. We just learn to live with whoever gets assigned to our mat.

  8. North Oldham has a two pound allowance tomorrow.  Judging by who is on the email list from North Oldham, I would suggest that these are the teams coming tomorrow (no particular order):


    Oldham County

    Fern Creek

    North Oldham



    Fort Knox

    Franklin County



    Holy Cross


    North Hardin

    Spencer County


    University Heights


    Walton Verona

    Woodford County

    Fort Campbell


    I probably left off a couple of teams.