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    2010 College Signings

    Cody Jaggers, Pleasure Ridge Park 215, has signed with University of the Cumberlands, and Ryan Gibson, Pleasure Ridge Park 152, is wrestling for Campbellsville University.
  2. Has this rule had an affect on anyone yet? It seems to me that the tale of the tape will be the development of these middle school athletic teams. Will JCPS keep their promise? I do hope that JCPS pushes for middle school wrestling, but I can't imagine that wrestling will land any higher than about 8 on the priority list.
  3. jbigdaddy

    seeding the state tournament

    The state of Georgia crowns both a traditional team champion and a dual team state champion. Kentucky is definitely behind in this area. We must schedule the dual state championship in such a way that it takes place.
  4. jbigdaddy

    2010-11 JV Tournaments

    Hello Coaches, Sometimes is it hard to get info on our state's JV tournaments, and I missed a couple last season. If you know tournament info, would you please post here so area coaches are aware. Thanks for helping grow wrestling in our state.
  5. Pleasure Ridge Park High School is looking for an assistant coach for this upcoming season. It is a paid position that requires the various coaching requirements and certifications as described by the KHSAA. Please contact: Joseph Frech josephfrech@hotmail.com (502) 681-5213
  6. jbigdaddy

    PRP Looking for Assistant Wrestling Coach

    Position has been filled. We would still hire a jv coach if anyone is interested.
  7. jbigdaddy

    mustang classic?

    You may have a hard time catching up with coaches on this site. The KHSAA website has a list of each coach's email address, so you will have better luck contacting each coach individually. www.khsaa.org click wrestling click general information click current list of wrestling coaches
  8. jbigdaddy

    What's been going on this spring?

    I agree with Jacket Coach concerning the importance of summer matches and reporting the news. The story must be told, but everyone is most interested in what happens officially during the season. Everyone knows Bryce is a competitor and he hates to lose. I see nothing wrong with that. In wrestling bigger guys, you get the added benefit of a quality match that you may not find with guys your size right now. Everything is an incentive to get better, wins and losses. Otherwise you would never improve and instead plateau. We have seen plenty of that in wrestling, and I'm not content to run our program that way. Specifically, from what I understand the Dominique match was a close one, so I would imagine you would be motivated to work hard and perhaps next time come out on top. Maturity displays itself in wins and losses, Captain....
  9. jbigdaddy

    Central Wrestler Drafted

    It's funny how often success in football and wrestling go together. I'd like to get more support from our football team. Congrats Corey, Che, and Central HS.
  10. jbigdaddy

    perseason faviorites for region 3?

    Mr. Fantastic, you should know by now that these rankings are based upon tried and true methods that reveal the elite of the elite. Gatsby, much like Ranger, pours over data during the off-season and compiles Region 3 rankings. If this A.J. Roberson and his brother Jerron Roberson deserved a better ranking, then I'm certain that Gatsby would have ranked them higher. In the meantime, maybe the Roberson brothers could just win a couple of matches, and thereby move up the rankings. You're welcome.
  11. jbigdaddy

    Congatulations to Brad Hitchings

    Sorry, I guess I worded it funny. I was acknowledging three components to Brad's success: his father, Coach Brown, and Trinity. Lol, I'm aware that you aren't his father, Coach Brown.
  12. jbigdaddy

    Congatulations to Brad Hitchings

    Congratulations to a great wrestler with a work ethic and attitude that is an example for every up-and-coming wrestler. Certainly a credit to his father, Coach Brown, and Trinity's wrestling program.
  13. I've been searching for the thread titled "Would someone please post Kyle Terry's first match at Flo Nationals?" but I can't find it. JK bruh, keep up the good work.
  14. jbigdaddy

    Fern Creek opening

    Josh, best of wishes for you and your family. I hope to see you around some next season.
  15. jbigdaddy


    Congrats to a great wrestler and congrats to Ryle for another terrific signing for a great wrestling program.
  16. jbigdaddy

    Josh Johnson Chooses Lindsey Wilson

    Congrats to a great wrestler and great coaches, Lindsey and Ruff.
  17. It's funny how the comments from wrestlers never change about the rankings (shoulda, coulda, woulda, etc.). I tell my guys not to worry about the rankings, other than they provide an idea of who to watch out for. We have a team motto: unrealized potential = regret. Just because someone is ranked # this or that doesn't mean they will finish that well. Just because there is potential doesn't mean it will be realized or accomplished. When it all comes down to it, it is only what happens on the mat that matters, and beyond that, it is only what happens at state. Work hard all season, but finish well. Let Ranger handle the rankings, but do your best to give him something to talk about...
  18. jbigdaddy

    Virginia beach (2010 NHSCA NATIONALS)

    We had several kids that wanted to go to national tournaments, but could not afford to go. It is hard enough to fund raise for the needs of the wrestling program, much more so fund raise for the summer tournaments and camps. It is neat to see so many that are able to go. In my opinion, we had a pretty strong class of senior wrestlers this year, and hopefully our grades will continue to grow with every season.
  19. jbigdaddy

    NAIA Nationals

    I was told by someone on CU's team that Murton had a back/neck injury and that he is done wrestling indefinitely. I realize that with injuries, sometimes a person can work their way back, and perhaps Murton will return. I'm just writing what I was told. He is an incredible wrestler, and I found him to be a very nice, helpful instructor for my wrestlers. I wish Jacob the best.
  20. Hey Coaches and People in the Know, I am trying to do some research about prior state and region results. I have already poured over the KHSAA.org wrestling results. Does anyone know where I can get results for years prior to 1999? I'm already aware that state champs and teams are available, but I am interested in results other than that. Any help would be great.
  21. jbigdaddy

    State and Region Wrestling Results

    GOO, I don't know you, but I'd like to shake your hand sometime. Thanks for your interest in wrestling, such that you have compiled results for our state. You've been tremendous help to me.
  22. jbigdaddy

    State and Region Wrestling Results

    Wow, that's a lot of great info. Do you have any state team results / points, etc.? Thanks for your help.
  23. jbigdaddy

    2011 State Tournament Will Be @ Frankfort Again

    I agree tilt and oldwrestler, but I also cannot be naive about the decision to build such a huge facility. I imagine both JCPS and KHSAA see some benefit in building this gym, (i.e. high school events, etc), otherwise it wouldn't be built. If I had my way, we would stay at Frankfort, but see that some of these other issues get dealt with (parking, concessions, etc.). What I don't want is for the event to go to a new venue and it look pitiful because KY wrestling can't adequately fill it up. Venue should be 5k - 6k for now, and hopefully in the next five to ten years we are forced to move for more space again.
  24. jbigdaddy

    2010 Season Review

    Wow, that's still an average of 50 wins per year. He wrestled young, often, and won often. I think Josh is a very deserving person for such an accomplishment. I admire Coach Lindsey a great deal, also.
  25. jbigdaddy

    2011 State Tournament Will Be @ Frankfort Again

    The parking issue was one of the primary problems, in my opinion. I didn't like the concession food, so I didn't eat it...not so lucky about the parking. It doesn't seem wise to seek a larger host simply because it is larger. We did not quite fill-up the Frankfort arena. The six mat issue would be a good reason to change the venue. I would love to see the state tournament return to Louisville, but I think the new Valley High School gymnasium would be the right move. From what I understand, the Valley gym will hold around 5,200, and it will be property easily accessed by JCPS / KHSAA. Not sure when it is scheduled for completion, but the talk is that ground-breaking is right around the corner. Anyone have better details about the new mega-gym? I will say that I enjoy reading about the various middle and elementary programs around the state. That is awesome, and I hope my school can eventually make a place for youth wrestling.