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    Wrestlers heading off for College

    Robert McCormick, 171 from PRP, has signed with the University of the Cumberlands to play football and wrestle.
  2. jbigdaddy

    Coaches needed for MALE High School

    Wow. It has been discussed that if Male would add wrestling, Butler probably would as well. Perhaps we can look for that announcement as well.
  3. jbigdaddy

    Battle of the Bridge

    Coach Tim Harbison of Manual is heading up the Jeff. Co. squad. I know that there are some holes in the line-up, so please contact him if you are interested in wrestling. The last email he sent to me stated that he needs: 130 (137) 140 (147) 215 (222) There may be other needs. Send him an email: cpikemilo@aol.com
  4. jbigdaddy

    Up and Coming Programs

    Dragon is correct. Southern has held a firm grasp on Region 3 for three years now, with Meade County hanging around 2nd and PRP 3rd. Fairdale has made some nice strides as well, and Coomes (formerly at Eastern in Louisville) is now helping coach wrestling at Western. Bullitt East has tons of support and numbers, and the Doss program continues to grow. Too bad Region 3, as well as other Louisville regions will likely look a lot different next season...
  5. jbigdaddy

    Blue-Gray Duals

    Coach Shingler reports that this tournament is on as scheduled, though some snow may move into the area this evening. I will report an update if there is a change, but it looks to be a fantastic day of wrestling.
  6. jbigdaddy


    Heavy is a tough weight class, because big strong guys can surprise other big strong guys...it happens all of the time. I'll never forget looking at Jordan Whiting and figuring that no one could beat him, and then watching him lose a close match in the semi-finals a couple of years ago. There are a number of big, strong heavies this year, and I look for excellent quarter and semi matches. It is hard to imagine House not being in the final match.
  7. jbigdaddy


    I'm glad somebody mentioned Jake Maupin, Fairdale's 171. He doesn't have the look that some of the big names have, like JJ, but you can't let that fool you. He has had an excellent season, and is making a name for himself. Last season ended early for him due to an ankle injury, otherwise you would have heard more about him last season. He is very tough. I look for him to be standing pretty high on the podium in a couple of weeks.
  8. jbigdaddy


    Jayce is an incredible wrestler. I watched him lose a close match at Raider Rumble to a Grundy, Virginia kid. Kyle Terry is also incredible. Depending upon the state draw, I would presume that these guys will wrestle for the championship.
  9. jbigdaddy

    Ft Knox invitational

    #1 Tates Creek #2 North Oldham #3 Christian County (I believe) #4 PRP Tate guys looked really tough, as did North and Christian County. Nelson, I thought, was really surprising...they have some tough guys. I'm sure full results will be posted soon.
  10. jbigdaddy


    Jefferson County is on a normal schedule today, I think the first time in the last three years.
  11. I realize it is a little early, but does any have a team list for the Dragon Invitational? Any early predictions?
  12. jbigdaddy

    Dragon Invitational @ South Oldham

    PRP has a flu exchange going on within the team, though it seems to mainly have affected the varsity. They had to cancel a trip to Ryle last week, as well as their trip to the Dragon. Hopefully some health will return this week.
  13. jbigdaddy

    2010-2011 Tournament Schedule

    Wow, it does work. You are a magician, and I should peruse the Kentucky Wrestling Coaches Association site more often.
  14. jbigdaddy

    2010-2011 Tournament Schedule

    Is there a tournament list for our state? In years past I know a list was circulated, but I haven't seen it this year. Thanks for any help.
  15. jbigdaddy

    Dragon Invitational @ South Oldham

    PRP will be there.
  16. jbigdaddy

    2 lbs

    This discussion has turned into a look at weight class certification, which is a little more involved than simply making a weight by a certain date. A wrestler has to have five events at a weight to certify at that weight. A weigh-in is an event and a match is an event, so a weigh-in at a tournament prior to the region tournament and four matches would certify that wrestler in that weight class. Further, two weigh-ins and three matches would meet the five event rule. Once a wrestler certifies, he can only go up one weight class. If he wrestles above that second weight class, he loses his certification at the original weight. Honestly, I'm not sure if these rules are enforced or not, but nonetheless these are the rules. It became an issue for us last year, also because of a tournament canceled during the last weekend of January, so I went to great lengths to understand the rule. If anyone can shed more light, feel free...
  17. jbigdaddy

    LOOKING FOR JV TEAMS(tournaments and dual)

    I am aware of the Oldham JV Round Robins on Monday, Dec. 20, Seneca's JV LIT on Dec. 21, and the Lafayette JV tournament on Dec. 28. Check with those coaches if you're interested.
  18. jbigdaddy

    Doss Individual Records at Dixie Duals

    The PRP - Doss dual needs one correction: Robert McCormick wrestled 189 against Doss, while Sam Lynch wrestled 171. So, Collie Taylor (171) beat Sam Lynch, while Saevon Richie (189) lost to Robert McCormick.
  19. jbigdaddy

    Dan Wilkerson

    It is with great difficulty that we make you aware of the death of Dan Wilkerson, of Louisville, Kentucky, which occurred on Sunday, November 21st. Initial reports indicate that he choked while eating, though the family has requested that an autopsy be performed. Dan was an all-state athlete for Pleasure Ridge Park high school in football, track, and wrestling, placing fifth at the Kentucky State Championships in 1998 at the 189 weight class. Dan also played football for Western Kentucky University following high school. Dan has served as head wrestling coach and assistant head coach at Pleasure Ridge Park High School, as well as middle school wrestling coach at South Oldham and Moore. Anyone who knew Dan considered him a friend and enjoyed his easy-going and kind personality. Visitation is at Heady Funeral Home on Dixie Highway on Friday, November 26th, from 1 pm to 8 pm, with the funeral to take place on Saturday, the 27th, at 1 pm.
  20. jbigdaddy

    Woodford County

    I rec'd an email from Joe Carr, and WCI is December 29 and 30.
  21. jbigdaddy

    How is your booster club account set up?

    Wow, you have a booster club?
  22. jbigdaddy

    jefferson county tournment?

    Thanks, Coach.
  23. jbigdaddy

    jefferson county tournment?

    Any word on location yet?
  24. jbigdaddy

    Junior Varsity Schedule

    Oldham County is hosting JV Round Robins on December 20th.
  25. jbigdaddy

    Junior Varsity Schedule

    Pleasure Ridge Park is hosting Corydon Central for a strictly jv event on Wednesday, December 1. We would like to host two more teams that have a full or nearly full jv squad. Weigh-ins are at 5:30; wrestling will begin at 6:00. This should be a good opportunity for newer wrestlers. PM if interested. Also, Oldham County normally hosts a jv tournament during the Saturday of Jefferson County tournament. If Coach Riordan has this event, I assume it will be Saturday, January 8th.