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    JV region 3

    Champ - PRP Runner-Up - Doss Third - Iroquois Fourth - Bullitt East Fifth - Fairdale Team Scores.pdf
  2. jbigdaddy

    JV region 3

    106 MC Mitchell, Doss 113 Hassan MaGan, PRP 120 Quentin Neal, Doss 126 George Pumphrey, PRP 132 Charles Juras, Fairdale 138 Cain Edwards, PRP 145 Dalton Priddy, Bullitt East 152 Elijah Sutton, PRP 160 Peyton Leister, Holy Cross 170 Auston Lutz, PRP 182 Bilal Mamedov, Iroquois 195 Garrett Lawrence, PRP 220 Tommy Nauert, Desales 285 Trent Waltenburg, North Bullitt place winners.htm brackets.htm
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    We went through this same discussion last year. There is no easy solution, because Ranger is heavily involved with wrestling, like many of us. It does no good to "motivate" by being hateful. Ranger's rankings are the standard, and they will continue to be. If the powers that be want something different, then I guess they should create this new thing. Until then, we get feedback on the teams when the rankings arrive, and hopefully we get to see them once per month. If there are particular match-ups we are interested in, then we should check trackwrestling.com to see those results. If the rankings are valuable to the state, then maybe the KHSAA or KYWCA should consider paying Ranger a stipend to do them.
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    2014 State Duals

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    jv state

    Region 3 JV Championship has been rescheduled for this Friday at PRP in the New Gym. Weigh-ins are at 4 pm and wrestling to begin asap afterward.
  6. 1) St. X 2) Manual 3) PRP 4) Male 5) Southern 6) Iroquois 7) Atherton I'm told Manual is going elsewhere, so St. X and PRP will be representing Section Five Big Schools at State Duals.
  7. jbigdaddy

    Jefferson County

    Finals set to begin at / around 6 pm. 106 - Kurbanov (IRQ) vs. Cook (St. X) 113 - Moreman (J-Town) vs. Bindner (St. X) 120 - B. Poynter (Moore) vs. Beets (St. X) 126 - Duncan (Tri) vs. Miles (St. X) 132 - Heidorf (Tri) vs. Korfhage (St. X) 138 - Thompson (Des) vs. Barton (Tri) 145 - Kahl (Tri) vs. Hawes (Eastern) 152 - Norton (Fair) vs. J. Lampe (St. X) 160 - Rojas (Moore) vs. D. Lampe (St. X) 170 - Miozza (Tri) vs. Ray (St. X) 182 - Smith (Moore) vs. Frankrone (Tri) 195 - Ruiz (Moore) vs. Graham (Southern) 220 - Chandler (Male) vs. Corolla (Tri) 285 - Gibbs (Fern Creek) vs. Lawrence (PRP)
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    Sectional Duals Alignment 2014

    2013-2014 KYWCA State Duals Sectionals.pdf
  9. jbigdaddy

    2014 State Duals

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    king of bluegrass

    Agreed !! You are definitely a champion of record-keeping. Our state needs to step up in this area.
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    KOB Results

    2013 King of the Bluegrass Team Results Breakdown.pdf
  12. jbigdaddy

    KOB Results

    2013 King of the Bluegrass Final Brackets.pdf2013 King of the Bluegrass Team Results.pdf
  13. jbigdaddy

    king of bluegrass

    2013 King of the Bluegrass Team Results Breakdown.pdf
  14. jbigdaddy

    king of bluegrass

    2013 King of the Bluegrass Final Brackets.pdf 2013 King of the Bluegrass Team Results.pdf
  15. jbigdaddy

    Girls Wrestling in Kentucky

    Hey, does anyone track these numbers? Would some Louisville-area teams be interested in a mid-week girls only tournament in January? Just trying to grasp how many girls we have wrestling in the state, and also trying to give them something to shoot for in case they are having a hard time cracking their varsity line-up.
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    Track Wrestling

    Hey not everyone posts results here on KY Wrestling, but as a state we are moving toward all results being entered on Track Wrestling. This is a pretty good place to look at detailed results. http://s202.trackwrestling.com/tw/dualmeets/DualMeets.jsp?signingIn=true&seasonId=73009&stateBox=19&TIM=523475&twSessionId=mvbcngqurxdevcz&fromDomain=0.00202
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    king of bluegrass

  18. jbigdaddy

    New club at U of L

    That is great news. Hopefully the program eventually becomes more than a club, and, in the hands of Tom Jurich, may make some serious noise. Go Cards !!
  19. jbigdaddy

    Anywhere but Alltech, Please

    It is too bad that Bowling Green as an area doesn't have wrestling, because Bowling Green would be a pretty good geographical site for the state tournament, servicing both eastern and western Ky with the parkways. Living in Louisville, I honestly like traveling out of town with our team, because it makes state a little more special and out of the ordinary.
  20. jbigdaddy

    Anywhere but Alltech, Please

    I agree with a number of the points that have already been made, so no need to rehash. The biggest issues that I had were the lighting for the finals (won't rehash, but very difficult to see), and the lateness of the finals. For the second year in a row, half of the arena left around or after the 160 pound weight class, but it wasn't because people weren't interested in the upper weights. Teams and buses have travel time to get home Saturday night, and we simply can't have our kids out past midnight. We must get the finals started around 6 pm so that people can stay for the whole event. Maybe running 8 mats would move things along if we stay at Alltech and stay at a 2 day tournament. There have to be some improvements, perhaps even an additional set of steps at the far side of the arena so coaches don't have to spend their whole day walking and going up and down the lengthy stairwell. Just my thoughts.
  21. jbigdaddy

    Breaking News

    Hey KY community, any breaking news that we would be interested in? Did anyone get hurt this week at practice? Are there some wrestlers or teams that are especially focused or prepared for this weekend? Some of the most interesting news every year occurs as a result of those who drop out or by those guys who come roaring into their brackets. Travel safe into Lexington / Georgetown.
  22. jbigdaddy

    Wrestling cut from 2020 Olympics

    Wow, our world is overrun with metro sexual hippies, the exact people we as coaches have had to cut or who couldn't handle our workouts. No offense to anyone, just really shocked at where our world is headed. I'm thinking the United States is headed that direction also. I'm glad I get to raise my sons, because society would screw them up.
  23. jbigdaddy

    Region 3

    On the Barrett seed, there were no common opponents, and so the coaches agreed that two and three were essentially the same. It was no disrespect to Barrett.
  24. jbigdaddy

    Region 3

    Top Two Seeds 106 Baum (HC) Lee (MC) 113 Beeler (MC) Bautista (So) 120 Newkirk (Fa) Askarov (Irq) 126 Crawley (So) Thompson (Des) 132 Miller (Des) Sanderfer (PRP) 138 Edwards (PRP) Smith (So) 145 Aguilar (PRP) Barrett (So) 152 Cash (So) Saunders (Irq) 160 Taylor (Do) Decker (So) 170 McIntosh (PRP) Sparks (N. Bul) 182 Kenealy (MC) Saunders (Bul Cen) 195 Noe (So) Hogan (MC) 220 Jennings (Fa) Giles (So) 285 Mielke (MC) Lawrence (PRP)
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    Tweet from Jason Frakes (Courier Journal)

    By the way, we should never get into the habit of beating up on our fallen, hurting, busy, or whatever else it might be. Ranger has done an excellent job with the rankings for many seasons, and it has helped our community to make decisions and prepare our teams. Ranger has put in time and effort, and in many ways this has taken our rankings to a new level. Recent events do not discredit him in any way. I don't know Ranger very well, but let's not get into the habit of beating up on those who love, support, and help our sport. This kind of behavior will prevent others from stepping up for fear that they may also come under fire. As a coach, I have never felt or known that the media was interested in our sport or my team. Reading this discussion makes me realize that I must do a better job of releasing results and information.