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  1. newfan13

    What team can still WIN?

    Larue didn't come through in semis. Campbell gonna win.
  2. newfan13

    What team can still WIN?

    Union has taken a hit in quarters. Campbell with some big wins and larue doing their thing in upper weights. I say Campbell or larue.
  3. newfan13

    Region 7 Predictions (personal predicitions)

    It all starts tonight!!
  4. newfan13

    Dedication and Commitment

    Gotta agree with bulldogs action. If you are in a situation you disagree with, remove yourself from the situation. I applaud you for this. However, it takes a little bit away to come on here and air your grievances. I hope its just to set the record straight and not start a war of words. I too disagree with situation but it is what it is. Has my opinion been changed of Campbell, absolutely. Will it affect my thoughts on state wrestling as a whole, no! Campbell will have this black eye for many years to come. Its their deal now.
  5. newfan13

    Region 7 Predictions (personal predicitions)

    Any updates now that everyone is at their weight?
  6. newfan13

    Match ups in region 6

    ...and wonder why these bad things only happen to him.
  7. newfan13

    State Duals coming up

    Blackwell and Wurth are pretty good!
  8. newfan13

    Region 7 Rankings 1-04-12

    Any updates after super duals, Mr Rickman?
  9. newfan13


    Barnett was ranked 4th last year. Only losses were to ray and ilg. Wouldn't really call that an upset. A great draw yes but upset? Really?[table][tr][td] [/td][/tr][/table]
  10. newfan13


    True upsets happen and 1 might get upset but not both.
  11. newfan13


    This is a pretty easy weight class. Whoever wins the Barnett ray matchup. Wins state. It really is that simple.
  12. newfan13

    Region 7 top 4

    103-johnson rearic bucerzan whalen. 112 eqal hanley newcomer shirley. 119 Milford bryant ageyman mitcchell. 125 vanderpool Lacy ageyman sutphin. 130 lopez white claskey Faulkner. 135 mom's mcilrath clay Tucker. 140 pins mccall green maxted. 145 Courtney whalen Aiken coleman. 152 white tuggle brown Hart. 160 stout Graham kinsell mosher 171 lyles duzyk goodrich soars. 189 Bryant barnett garrett Edwards. 215 brown shadeh ogg holbrook. 285 fawns robinson Davis Wilkins. There they are!! No need to even wrestle!! Unless someone has some different opinions!!!
  13. newfan13

    Capital City Classic Results 1/22/2011

    Jones brothers and clay were at the dragon.
  14. newfan13

    toughest weight class

    Once again IMO, Ray is much better than Jude in neutral. I believe he is a much better technician and doesn't give up enough strength to give Jude an advantage. I think ray may win either class but 171 would be a much easier path.
  15. newfan13

    toughest weight class

    Why would ray avoid Jude? Ray is almost as strong and a much better wrestler. At 189 many guys stronger and harder to make it through entire field. IMO ray beats Jude 8 out of 10 matches.