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  1. KickEmOut

    Bearcat Brawl @Walton Verona 12/2/2023

    Add Cov Cath and Henry Clay. Still seeking two more
  2. Bearcat Brawl @Walton Verona 10 teams (2 pools of 5) wrestling thru 6th place Committed teams: Walton Verona, East Central (IN), Boyle County, Lafayette, Highlands, Cooper Seeking 4 more teams Interested teams please contact Dave Johnson (
  3. KickEmOut

    Ryle open dates

    Ryle HS looking to fill dates for next year. Willing to host or travel for the right match up Dec 8- OPEN Dec 15- Mason (OH)/Great Crossing Looking to make Super Tri Dec 22- OPEN Jan 8- OPEN Jan 26- Lebanon (OH) Looking to make a Super Tri Feb 5- OPEN If interested please email Dave Johnson ( Thanks!
  4. Camp Clinicians: Kyle Ruschell · Assistant Coach @ Wisconsin · 2017 Pan-American Champion · 2014 U.S. National Team · 3x Captain · 2x NCAA All-American · Big Ten Finalist · 4x NCAA Qualifier · 2x Kentucky State Champion TJ Ruschell · Lindsey Wilson Assistant Coach · Former Wisconsin Wrestler · 2017 NCAA Qualifier · NWCA Academic All-American · Kentucky State Champion · 4x Kentucky State Place Winner · Most Wins in Ryle History Isaac Jordan · Oklahoma St. Volunteer Assistant · 2x Big 10 Champion · 4x NCAA All-American · 2016 NCAA Runner-up · 3x Ohio State Champion · Wrestled @ Graham H.S. · 4x Ohio State Place Winner Ryle Coaching Staff · 3x State Runner-ups · 2x State Dual Runner-ups · 7x Regional Champs · 14 straight KHSAA top ten finishes (2002-15) · 18 individual state champs · 100+ individual state placers · Has put 10 wrestlers into college programs Where: Ryle High School When: July 10-13, 2018 “Building Champions” Where: Ryle High School When: July 10-13, 2018 Open to any and all participants Camp Details: This camp offers both large group and individualized instruction. We incorporate basic technique with intensive drills. Those seeking practice partners in preparation for Fargo will have ample opportunities for live wrestling. After the second session each day, we will have open live sessions to get you ready. Goal: To help young wrestlers achieve their goals and to give them a view of what high level wrestling is all about. Cost: $125 (preregistration) $150 (at-door) Times: 9:00 AM -11:00 AM Technique Session 1:00 PM -3:30 PM Technique/Live Session Wrestlers’ Name: Parent (s)’ name (s): Address: Phone number: Date of Birth: ____ / ____ / ________ Insurance Company Name: Policy Number: Email: TJ Ruschell Email: Questions – Call: Tim Ruschell Home: 859-428-1624 Work: 859-384-5333 Cell: 859-760-4977 Make Checks Payable To: Gray Gator Wrestling Club 335 Bingham Lane Crittenden, Ky. 41030 Gray Gator Wrestling Club Waiver and Release from Liability 1. I, ________________________________, the undersigned, on behalf of myself, my heirs and next of kin, personal representative, agents, insurers, successors and assigns (all hereinafter "Releasers") hereby FOREVER RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE THE BOONE COUNTY SCHOOLS, its insurers, its affiliated clubs, administrators, agents, directors, officers, members, volunteers, all employees of wrestling camp, and any and all participants, officials, referees, coaches, host clubs, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers, local organizing committees (and if applicable) owners, leasers and operators of premises used to conduct any wrestling event, meet, practice or activity (all hereinafter "Releases") from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, causes of action or losses of any kind or nature, past, present or future, direct or consequential that I may hereafter have for PERSONAL INJURY, PERMANENT, TEMPORARY, TOTAL OR PARTIAL DISABILITY, DISFIGUREMENT, PARALYSIS AND ANY OTHER LOSSES OR DAMAGES TO PERSON OR PROPERTY OR DEATH, arising out of my participation in, attendance at or traveling to and from any wrestling sanctioned event or activity including, but not limited to, LOSSES CAUSED BY THE PASSIVE OR ACTIVE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES, or hidden, latent or obvious defects in the facilities or equipment used. 2. Releaser understands and acknowledges that wrestling activities and the sport of wrestling in general have inherent dangers that no amount of care, caution, training, instruction, supervision or expertise can eliminate. RELEASOR EXPRESSLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY, PERMANENT, TEMPORARY, TOTAL OR PARTIAL DISABILITY, DISFIGUREMENT, PARALYSIS AND ANY OTHER LOSSES OR DAMAGES TO PERSON OR PROPERTY OR DEATH, sustained while participating in, attending, preparing for or traveling to and from sanctioned event, meet, practice or activity, including the risk of PASSIVE OR ACTIVE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES, or hidden, latent or obvious defects in the facilities or equipment used. 3. Releaser acknowledges and fully understands that each participant in any wrestling practice or activity, including Releaser, will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent, temporary, total or partial disability, disfigurement, paralysis and any other losses to person or property, including death, and that severe social and economic losses may result not only from releaser’ s own action, inactions or negligence, but also from the actions, inactions or negligence of other notwithstanding the rules of play or the condition of the premises or of any equipment used. Further Releaser acknowledges and fully understands that there may be other associated risks with such activities that are not known or not reasonably foreseeable at this time. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE HAD SUFFICIENT OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW THE PROVISIONS OF THIS DOCUMENT AND UNDERSTAND ITS PURPOSE, MEANING AND INTENT. _____________________________ ___/___/____ (Participants Signature) (Date) The undersigned, does hereby represent that he/she is, in fact, the parent or legal guardian of and acting in such capacity agrees to the terms and conditions of the above stated waiver and release. _____________________________ ___/___/____ (Signature of legal guardian) (Date) ___________________ (Relationship to minor) · Please fill out information and mail to the address at the top of waiver. Kyle_Ruschell_camp_brochure 2018_1.doc
  5. Kyle Ruschell Camp @Ryle HS Other Clinicians: Issac Jordan, Ricky Robertson, TJ Ruschell July 10-12, 2017 Please see attached for camp info Kyle_Ruschell_camp_brochure (4).docx
  6. Ryle is looking to fill the following openings: Dec 13- Host or travel Dec 20- @RYLE for Alumni Night Jan 24 or 31- @RYLE for Senior Night Please email Dave Johnson ( with any openings Thanks
  7. Coaches, The Ryle Raider Rumble wants to continues its tradition of great competition early in the season and we have implemented some changes to improve our event moving forward. We will cap our event at 18 teams and will invite back the top 16 from the previous year. So each year we will have at least 2 openings that we will offer up to the best two teams that express interest. We have the top 16 from last year returning with the exception of Colerain (OH) dropping and being replaced by West Clermont (OH). 2017 teams that are confirmed: Elder (OH), Union Co, Woodford Co, St. Xavier, Scott, Moeller (OH), John Hardin, Campbell Co, Louisville Male, Walton verona, Moore, Ryle, Princeton, Trinity, West Clermont (OH), S. Oldham Any teams that would like to be considered for the 2017 Rumble on Dec 9th, please email Tournament Director Dave Johnson at
  8. Once again Ryle Wrestling has teamed up with the Marine Corp. for the Raider Rumble on December 10th . As we enjoy the competition of one of the best tournaments in the state of Kentucky, we need to remember that there are others out there, that are less fortunate than us. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we need to keep them in our thoughts. The Marine Corp. has a excellent program in the "Toys for Tots", the Marine Corp. and Ryle have joined forces to bring happiness to families at this time of year. We are asking all 20 teams to participate and try to bring one unwrapped toy per competitor, to help bring joy to a child's Christmas. The Toy For Tots box will be there Friday night for the JV Rumble as well . Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help Ryle Wrestling Coaching Staff
  9. Camp Clinicians: Kyle Ruschell • Assistant Coach @ Wisconsin • 3x Captain • 2x NCAA All American • Big Ten Finalist • 4x National Qualifier • 2x Kentucky State Champion • 2014 National Team member T.J. Ruschell • Current Wisconsin Wrestler • Starter for Wisconsin @ 157 • Kentucky State Champion • 4x Kentucky State Place Winner Isaac Jordan • Current Wisconsin Wrestler • 2x Big 10 Champion • 2014 All American @ 157 • 2015 All American @ 165 • 3x Ohio State Champion • Wrestled @ Graham H.S. • 4x Ohio State Place Winner Ricky Robertson • Current Wisconsin Wrestler • 2x NCAA Qualifier • Pan American Greco champ • Pan American Freestyle Champion • 2014 Fila Junior freestyle Champ • Illinois State Champion Ryle Coaching Staff • 3x State Runner-ups • 7x Regional Champs • 12 straight top ten finishes • 15 individual state champs • 72 individual state placers • Has put 8 wrestlers into college programs Ruschell’s Summer Wrestling Camp “Building Champions” Where: Ryle High School When: July 11-13 2016 Open to any and all participants 2016 Kyle_Ruschell_camp_brochure.docx
  10. KickEmOut

    NKY Saints Wrestling Club

    2015-2016 Northern Kentucky Saints Wrestling Club The NKY Saints Wrestling Club is open to all elementary and middle school students. Our coaching staff has over 75 combined years in wrestling, as a wrestler and as coaches, and all are Virtus Trained. We are committed to develop wrestlers that will compete at the next level for state championships. - Youth will practice 2 nights a week and Middle School will practice 3 nights a week. - Final fees TBD but it covers practice facility rental, USA Wrestlers membership, insurance, and tournament fees. (More details at our parent’s meeting when practice starts) - You will be responsible for purchasing wrestling shoes, head gear, warm-ups (minimum of shorts & t-shirt), and a singlet (wrestling uniform). Additional logo wear will be available and will be covered in the parent’s meeting. When and Where? - At the first practice we will need a physical for your wrestler from your doctor. - Practices will be in the Covington Catholic High School Wrestling Room on the CovCath campus (top floor of the Griffin Building/the old church) - Middle School practices will start on Monday, October 26th, 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Week day practices will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Competition is typically held on Saturdays. - Youth practice begins on Wednesday, November 4th, 6:00 to 8:00. Weekly practices will be Wednesday and Friday (subject to be collapsed into MS schedule). Competition is typically held on Sundays. - Parent’s Informational meeting during the first practice of both MS and Youth, and individually if you are unable to attend. Please email Jim Hummeldorf, Club Director, if you have any questions prior to the first practice. You can contact any coach for more information. Youth Coach Jim Hummeldorf Coach Joe Hunt Coach Doug Glassmeyer Middle School Coach Stanley Stone Coach Michael Constantino Coach Donnie Reeves
  11. KickEmOut

    Cov Cath opening on schedule

    Cov Cath is looking to add one team to a home match on Tuesday February 2nd, 2016 with Indian Hill (OH). Also looking for an event on January 26/27 if anyone has something. Early numbers are good and should have a full lineup or very close. Please contact Dave Johnson if you have any openings. Thanks
  12. KickEmOut

    Open Coaching Positions

    Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills is looking to add depth to the coaching staff for the 2015-16 season. We will be a 3rd year program and looking to continue growing as enrollment is the largest that it has been in over 20 year with the largest incoming freshman class at over 170. Looking for a lightweight coach that is still able to practice with the team daily, but will consider any well qualified coaches. If interested please contact Head Coach Dave Johnson:
  13. KickEmOut

    Cov Cath Scheduling 2015-16

    Coaches, Covington Catholic is looking to fill the following scheduling needs. Please let me know if you have any openings and would be interested Dec 1/2- OPEN Dec 8- Tri- Boone Co @CCH Dec 29/30- OPEN Jan 26/27- OPEN Please email Dave Johnson @ if interested Thanks
  14. Covington Catholic is looking for an event on 1/24/2015 due to a last minute cancellation. We are a 2nd year program that will fill 11-12 weight classes. Please email with any leads Thank you Dave Johnson Cov Cath Wrestling
  15. Covington Catholic will add Middle School wrestling to its program for the 2014-15 school year. This opportunity will be open to any student attending a school within the Diocese of Covington in grades 6-8. There will be a parent informational meeting on Thursday June 19th at 6:30pm in the Covington Catholic Cafeteria. Stanley Stone has been selected as the Head Coach coming to Cov Cath with 8 years of coaching experience at the High School, Middle School and Youth levels within the Conner wrestling program. Mr. Stone is also a football coach in the Boone County pee-wee league where his Bearcats won the Super Bowl last year. Coach Stone has assembled a well-qualified and accomplished staff to start the Cov Cath Middle School wrestling program. Micheal Constantino, Jason Davieux, Joe Hunt and Matt Brewer will serve as assistant coaches.