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  1. FalconWrestling

    State team race if format changes

    I would much rather see a big/small split
  2. All but two voted for it. The superintendent spoke in favor of starting sports back up. practices start today and competitions start Feb 1st
  3. Doss, Fairdale, Fern Creek, Iroquois, PRP, Southern, Valley, Western, Atherton, Central, Manual, Male, Moore, Seneca, Shawnee, and Waggener are all JCPS schools and subject to JCPS restrictions
  4. FalconWrestling

    Season Starts!!!

    Ya I would prefer two 16 man brackets and KHSAA still gets to keep their money Otherwise we run the risk of doing what Virginia did and divide into far too many classes making the state tournament overly long, boring, and less prestigious
  5. FalconWrestling

    Season Starts!!!

    As if Union doesn’t already win the title every year edit- but to add I already coached in Div 1 Ohio meaning you had to accept that St. Ed’s was probably winning the title or be in Div 2 and know that Graham is going to win the title. Really just makes constant growth the goal see Aurora now
  6. FalconWrestling

    Season Starts!!!

    Hopefully they make the correct call and push winter sports to the spring and spring to summer.
  7. FalconWrestling

    Season Starts!!!

    Just to add to how badly there needs to be a realignment, Region 3 schools Drive past Region 4 schools to go to the Region 3 tournament. Region 4 has the lowest regional participants in the state by far with 4-5 man brackets being the norm
  8. FalconWrestling

    Season Starts!!!

    Most plans in regards to pushing winter sports to the spring also involves pushing spring sports to the summer
  9. FalconWrestling

    Season Starts!!!

    We aren’t allowed physical contact this week. It’s a week by week basis for us
  10. FalconWrestling

    Michigan wearing masks

    Michigan and bad rules for wrestling season, name a more iconic duo
  11. FalconWrestling

    No wrestling in our county...

    If there's no luck with Coach Ackley you could probably reach out to Coach Pomeroy's Colts Wrestling Club or Coach Tichenor's Fern Creek Wrestling Club in Louisville
  12. FalconWrestling

    Warren county adds wrestling

    That’s huge news, I’m ecstatic Edit- Hope they can bring on more coaches soon, running four programs as one coach will be quite a task
  13. FalconWrestling

    Zeke Escelera

    I had heard he was on his way there, I look forward to seeing how he does
  14. I know some people have suggested a Girl's rankings. I went mostly off of last year's state results on top of adding Lauren Walton in, weights are basically the same as last year for now. Any results I didn't know about or weight changes as always feel free to let me know and I will update. Ranked out to six when I could. 106 1. Olivia Messerly, Ryle 10th 2. September Snyder, Fort Campbell 10th 3. Hannah Pittman, Anderson County 10th 4. Charlie Blevins, Danville 10th 5. Anna Ockerman, Woodford County 8th 6. Anayah Rivas, North Bullitt 12th 113 1. Amelia Foltz, Madison Southern 12th 2. Gabrielle Ocasio, Simon Kenton 9th 3. Ashley Courtney, Woodford County 12th 4. Ashlii Zencka, Moore 10th 5. Ava Sweet, Taylor County 9th 6. Gracey Funkhouser, Harrison County 9th 120 1. Isabella Robertson, Madison Southern 11th 2. Camarie Cunningham, Male 12th 3. Aracelli Pascual, Apollo 11th 4. Gracie Savage, Woodford County 10th 5. Alex Uribe, Henry Clay 11th 6. Santana Holland, Central 11th 126 1. Rileigh Funkhouser, Harrison County 12th 2. Ronesha Rice, Central 11th 3. Faith Ramos, North Hardin 10th 4. Ivy Parton, Knox Central 12th 5. Tori Jurgens, Cooper 11th 6. Maria Martinez, Moore 12th 132 1. Lauren Walton, Woodford County 9th 2. Addison Messerly, Ryle 10th 3. Caitlyn Powers, Calloway 12th 4. Kahlen Escaloni, Woodford County 11th 5. Caitlin Vaske, Boone County 12th 6. Kylie Hudgins, Harrison County 11th 138 1. Hannah McDonald, Taylor County, 12th 2. Zoey Smith, Simon Kenton 12th 3. Prisca Sebele, Central 11th 4. Aubrey Miller, Bullitt Central 12th 5. Jamie Stallings, Central 11th 6. Natalie Britton, Fort Campbell 11th 145 1. Gardner Mariah, Bullitt East 10th 2. Gianna Rascon, Central 12th 3. Denisse Ortiz, Bourbon County 12th 4. Kadie Ripley, Harrison County 10th 5. Allison Boggs, Letcher County Central 10th 6. Hayley Nunn, Taylor County 12th 152 1. Hannah Thompson, Cooper 12th 2. Seny Camara, Central 12th 3. Billie Turney, Harrison County 10th 4. Lexi Fryman, Harrison County 11th 160 1. Ella Sadler, Danville 8th 2. Kennedi Turner, Fort Campbell 10th 3. Angel Jones, Harrison County 12 170 1. Trinity Gotlier, Anderson County 10th 2. Angel Hilton, Cooper 12th 3. Lauren Matney, Whitley County 12th 4. Alexis Houston, Taylor County 8th 5. Dana Castillo, Harrison County 10th 182 1. Samantha Wigginton, Henry Clay 10th 2. Tammy Cordell, Boone County 11th 3. Ellen North, Knox Central 10th 4. Jenny Arroyo-Salomon, Tates Creek 9th 5. Zoe Long, Franklin County 9th 195 1. Victoria Ndeemya, Tates Creek 12th 2. Layla Davis, Harrison County 8th 3. Jayla Wilson, Central 11th 4. Alayna Venegas, Taylor County 9th 5. Kathryn Chappell, Fort Campbell 10th 6. Angel Badu, Doss 12th 220 1. Tameira Edwards, Western 12th 2. Sage Jackson, Madison Southern 12th 3. Samantha Little, Montgomery County 12th 4. Kristina Carew, Knox Central 11th 5. Kirsten Greggs, Harrison County 11th 6. Gracie Wyatt, Harrison County 12th 285 1. Autumn Burgan, Harrison County 12th 2. Destiny Solis, Fort Campbell 12th 3. Jasmine Hornbuckle, Calloway 9th 4. Alexis Whitaker, Montgomery County 8th Team 1. Harrison County 2. Woodford County 3(t). Central 3(t). Madison Southern 5. Fort Campbell
  15. FalconWrestling


    Is that the interpretation? I was mostly just thinking the event has to be in an adjacent county
  16. FalconWrestling

    Preseason Girl's Rankings October 3rd 2020

  17. FalconWrestling


    The way our AD put it is if one sport has a season every sport will have a season is what the AD's are being told. This may mean wrestling gets moved to the spring, this may mean a shortened season, etc Let's hope Fall Sports don't lead to any Covid spikes
  18. FalconWrestling


    I'm currently helping to coach soccer and the head coach informed about the no carpooling, could be a JCPS requirement but I fear it may be state wide. The kids can be driven by a parent but parents can't drive other kids I believe is what I was informed
  19. FalconWrestling


    Also of note if you are team that carpools, it appears carpooling won't be allowed
  20. FalconWrestling

    Backup Plan

    This was with the old AD, I'd still be open to doing it but have never talked to the new AD
  21. FalconWrestling

    Backup Plan

    I tried to start a program at Butler and tried to restart Eastern and Ballard's programs. Like I said the AD's have no interest
  22. FalconWrestling

    Backup Plan

    Off the top of my head Fern Creek should be in Region 4 not Region 3 which would balance the two regions out somewhat, but they will still be the two smallest regions in the state participant wise. Louisville schools have been dropping programs and the AD's have shown no interest in re-adding programs. I guarantee at least one more, quite possibly more than that, programs will drop within the next 2-3 years
  23. FalconWrestling

    Backup Plan

    For most regions yes but Region 4 can barely fill out a six man bracket
  24. FalconWrestling

    Backup Plan

    I am infamously against combined practices myself since I view it as slapping a band aid on the program rather than fixing the problem. Kids can be hard to get out to wrestle and some programs are in tough school situations, but I still feel the goal is to get as many kids as possible interested in and hopefully joining your program