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  1. FalconWrestling

    Head wrestling job openings

    Ya Thomas Campbell, placed 4th his senior year at 140 I think
  2. FalconWrestling

    Head wrestling job openings

    Fort Campbell is not open. The former Kenwood Wrestling coach has the job
  3. FalconWrestling

    Head wrestling job openings

    I have heard multiple rumors concerning our replacement for Scott Lowe We might have Chris Nikolao, an interested alumni We might have Cory Alexander, last year's assistant Or we might have nobody I should ask our atheletic director
  4. FalconWrestling

    Finals Predictions

    Somebody to look out for at 135 is Tre Such from Fort Campbell. He was Zack Bontrager's wrestling partner last year and got pretty good. But he had weight issues at the end of the year and choked at Regionals. Not saying much but he is internationally ranked in Judo (Top 10).
  5. Ya I am pretty skeptical as well. We also had a State Qualifier come up from Georgia, but he has told me he is not wrestling.
  6. I just heard about a kid that just moved on base from like New Jersey. Supposdly he was a 2 time state runner up and won the State Championship at 152 last year. I am trying to find out his name
  7. FalconWrestling

    Finals Predictions

    You beat me to it
  8. Well Bulldog decided to make me post our roster on the rankings :| I don't know why, but he is Team Captain and i'm just the guy that gets on here This is our projections 103: Danial Torres 10 112: Robert Wright 10 119: Zach Green 10 125: Jared Smith 12 130: Robbie Sahms 11 135: Tre Such 10 140: Tyler England 11 145: Molly Theal 12 152: Terry Dean 11 160: Tim Nikolao 9 171: Tyler Nikolao 11 189: Colin Balechea 11 215: Conar McVicker 10 285: Kendall Smith 10
  9. FalconWrestling

    Region 1

    Well anyway some Fort campbell stuff Coach Lowe is not coaching this year. We do not know if he was fired or quit. Chris Nikolao is the favorite amogst the wrestlers to get the spot at the moment Jared Smith and newcomer Molly dasomethingorother are the only seniors on the team Jared Smith is bumping up to 125 and is going to compete with Robbie Sahms, loser goes 130 Wrestlers to watch- Danial Torres 103 Zach Green 119 Jared Smith/Robbie Sahms 125/130 Adam Such 135/140 Colin Balechea 189/215 Conar McVicker 215/285
  10. I'm going to have to wrestle Dee this year, it is gonna suck. Ya he is ranked too low
  11. FalconWrestling

    Region 1

    I can give you a bit of the Fort Campbell stuff. But we are kinda a falled program at the moment
  12. FalconWrestling

    Ky wrestler now Ultimate fighter

    Ya he is 2-0. But I think he isn't fighting right now. He is going to VMA and might actually be varsity his Freshman year in Wrestling. I think he said he is going to start fighting again after he graduates
  13. I see Jared dropped out of the rankings killing my team haha
  14. Ya 112 is going to be really hard. I'm probably going to get killed. But I can't go 103
  15. FalconWrestling

    Region 1

    My sleeper for 189 is Colin Balecha from Fort Campbell. Not being a homer or anything, he impressed me alot late in the year last year. And he did alot better then I expected at Brentwood
  16. FalconWrestling

    Wrestlers changing weight classes for next year

    Jared Smith and Robbie Sahms are competing with each other for the 125 spot this year.
  17. Jared Smith is going 125, he weighs in like the 130s right now