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    Open Coaching Postions

    Has the Fern Creek position been filled?
  2. FalconWrestling

    Ky Ms Placer wins Ohio D1 High School championship

    McCloud was one of Damoreon Travis's few losses this past season, blast doubled Damoreon to his back and pinned him. A very impressive wrestler and I'm happy to see he won the state title, didn't know he started out at Holmes, a true testament to his ability and the abilities of all of his coaches that he could win an Ohio D1 state title with relatively few years of wrestling.
  3. FalconWrestling

    Virginia Beach Nationals

    A fantastic showing from Kentucky
  4. FalconWrestling

    Virginia Beach Nationals

    Alex Rivera from Moore is there
  5. FalconWrestling

    State recap

    Ok I've been trying and failing to clear those quotes for awhile but for some reason it won't let me I know why the wrestler was ejected, I witnessed it, I will say that the situation was handled properly and that includes how his coaches treated the situation. The wrestler was a first year wrestler and while I don't want to say that excuses his actions it does provide some context. It was an after the match event that occurred involving unsportsmanlike actions by the wrestler in question. Now the real issue is that these points were not properly deducted from the team score per my interpretation of the rules. Of course in the end it had little say on the team race, we would hope such issues don't arise in the future
  6. FalconWrestling

    2018 Ranger Report

    It was really anyone's game this year seemed to be a general consensus from most coaches I talked to. St. Xavier was looking incredible all tournament but Union secured the title with an excellent showing from the semifinals onwards.
  7. FalconWrestling

    State recap

    Johnson Central may be a title threat next year
  8. FalconWrestling

    State recap

    I said at soon as it was called that Johnson was a more than worthy participant. Johnson showed he was a rare talent that comes once in a generatuon
  9. FalconWrestling

    Prediction game?

    While I didn’t see those upsets I know how to play this game haha
  10. FalconWrestling

    Big names that didn't qualify?

    Isaac Marrett was a potential state title threat at 220 but couldn't wrestle because of injuries
  11. FalconWrestling

    Quarterfinals Matchups

    He will hate me putting him on the spot like this but at the start of the tournament Tyler Nikolao (former Fort Campbell state qualifier, one of David Nikolao's many brothers) came up to me and told me flat out that David Woods was going to win the state title and he would put money on it if he could. I laughed and shook my head at him at the time but he was right.
  12. FalconWrestling

    Prediction game?

    14- Saul Ervin, 138 13- Trent Johnson, 145 12- Ryan Moore, 132 11- Kairus Washington, 285 10- Mason Smith, 170 9- Damoreon Travis, 220 8- Zane Brown, 152 7- Derrick Smallwood, 160 6- Diion Leavell, 182 5- Ben Deprest, 195 4- Sam Bacon, 126 3- Brandon Miller, 113 2- Preston Mattingly, 120 1- Isham Peace, 106 Dark Horse- Devon Herron, 106 NR Team Tiebreaker- Union County 170.5
  13. FalconWrestling

    Middle school refs

    In regards to refs there have only been a handful of times I have been truly mad at refs this year. I've come to accept that judgement calls will always be judgement calls but in regards to missed calls this generation of refs we have coming up are very open to communication with coaches and I make a point to only discuss judgement calls after a match is over to either gauge their opinion or see if they recognize they missed a call in a constructive manner. The only things that have made me angry are examples of refs letting things get out of control including one example that I won't really discuss much of since I've already gone through the proper channels about it but the ref blew a call and rather than go through the correct process to rectify the situation tried to shift the gravity of the situation on to the coaches rather than have the guts to make the call themselves. I can understand a ref stonewalling me but a ref turning to me and going "well coach I guess I will let you decide what I do here" (paraphrasing, not the exact quote) is out of line
  14. FalconWrestling

    Spring/Summer wrestling opportunities?

    Kentucky goes through USA Wrestling rather than NUWAY
  15. FalconWrestling

    Region 7 brackets

    I have been vocal in seeding meetings in the past that once the bracket is built there is no reason to try and hide it. Coaches sometimes want to "hide" who their kids have to wrestle but I consider than an exercise in futility
  16. FalconWrestling

    Region 1 Brackets

    Talk about a young region
  17. FalconWrestling

    girls qualifying for state

    Jared knew her pretty well too haha
  18. FalconWrestling

    Jefferson County Tournament of Champions

    Something Tennessee does which I wish to see more in Kentucky is awarding a "Best Match" alongside an MOW award
  19. FalconWrestling

    Raider Rumble

    Jordan Ward from Moeller, he might be at 138 this weekend but he's 5th at 132. edit- Unless he's at Ironman?
  20. FalconWrestling

    Region 1 teams

    I can say with some confidence that Graves has 0 interest in restarting their program. As for UHA with Ethan Wells now at Christian County I don’t think they even had anyone else left on the team. Also yes I know I haven’t posted rankings yet
  21. FalconWrestling

    Program Health

    So I just found out today that it appears Eastern, one of the most storied and successful programs in all of Kentucky, let alone Louisville, has dropped their program I don't want to name names and cause people to feel unjustly called out but I can think of several other programs in the Louisville area alone that are on life support and I would be surprised if we don't lose at least one more program before season start. I think the days of sitting around and grumbling about "Title IX" or "Kids aren't mentally tough" has gotten us nowhere. Well no that's incorrect, it has buried us deeper into this hole. I can think of many ideas some kind and some unkind about what would turn around the health of men's wrestling in Kentucky. But just go off of region numbers from last year, how many teams in the state even fielded a full lineup? There is literally a science about motivating kids to want to compete and engaging in the literally millennia old blame game of blaming teenagers and their attitudes will do us absolutely zero favors if we want to actually see some positive change. So I open the floor, those who know me well personally know that I can and will rant but I want to leave the opportunity open for others before I let my very vocal opinions get expressed
  22. FalconWrestling

    Program Health

    I can tell you that I tried to start a program at Butler but the athletic department had no interest. Jtown's days had been numbered for awhile, the AD had been anti-wrestling. But yes on a whole wrestling in Jefferson County is not in a good situation and a lack of viable head coaches is something I consider to be part of the problem
  23. FalconWrestling

    Program Health

    I found this useful table on a lax site hence their numbers are bolded. Interesting to note that the wrestling population drop is recent and we have made gains since the early 2000's but it's been on a decline since 2012 nationwide. 2016 was the first year Cross Country passed Wrestling in participants. B O Y S - P A R T I C I P A T I O N Sport Participants (Thousands) % Change 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 15 16 01 16 Football (11-player) 1109.3 1108.4 1096.0 1086.6 1093.2 1083.6 1083.3 0.0% 7.0% Track & Field (outdoor) 572.1 579.3 575.6 574.5 580.3 578.6 591.1 2.2% 20.2% Basketball 540.2 545.8 535.3 538.7 541.1 541.5 546.4 0.9% 1.2% Baseball 472.6 471.0 474.2 474.8 482.6 486.6 488.8 0.5% 8.5% Soccer 391.8 398.4 411.8 411.0 417.4 432.6 440.3 1.8% 32.3% Wrestling 272.9 273.7 272.1 270.2 269.5 258.2 250.7 -2.9% 2.3% Cross Country 239.6 246.9 248.5 249.2 252.5 251.0 257.7 2.7% 36.8% Tennis 162.8 161.4 159.8 157.2 160.5 157.2 157.2 0.0% 9.4% Golf 157.8 156.9 152.7 152.6 152.6 148.8 146.7 -1.4% -9.3% Swimming & Diving 131.4 133.9 133.8 138.2 138.4 137.1 133.5 -2.6% 50.3% Lacrosse 90.7 95.7 100.6 101.7 106.7 108.5 109.5 1.0% 161.9% Track & Field (indoor) 67.7 70.3 69.4 78.7 73.7 75.2 76.7 2.0% 51.3% Volleyball 50.5 50.0 49.5 50.4 52.1 54.5 55.4 1.6% 39.4% Ice Hockey 36.5 36.9 35.7 35.2 35.4 35.9 35.2 -2.0% 6.2% Bowling 27.7 28.3 27.4 28.4 28.1 29.1 29.6 1.7% 192.5% Team Tennis 28.9 28.4 36.2 33.0 30.5 25.0 25.5 2.1% 112.8%
  24. FalconWrestling

    Program Health

    http://www.nfhs.org/ParticipationStatics/PDF/2014-15_Participation_Survey_Results.pdf From the NFHS, total numbers seem to be going up. Their format is terrible in measuring change over time so I'm still working on that especially in regards to break down by sport. The raw data is all at NFHS but it's a nightmare to turn into charts Also however downvoted my chart dump be my guest but if you don't like bad data then do something about it.
  25. FalconWrestling

    Program Health

    I was debating about going through and recording how many teams are sending teams of five or less but raw region totals serve the same purpose Here are charts showing changes in numbers for each of the regions plus a total at the end with trendlines included I tried to play with the charts to make the vertical scale equal but excel wasn't playing with me on this matter. So please note that the scales aren't equal among the regions but the trend remains the same outside of some exceptions (Region 7 and Region 2). Like I said I wish I had pre-2013 data and of course it will be interesting to see how the data meets the trend line with the uniform change