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    HPWC Presents Friday Night Live

    Good chance to get some live goes with new partners
  2. FalconWrestling


    Ref any Cleveland Heights matches? I used to coach there
  3. FalconWrestling

    State finals location

    Corbin would be really bad for the sport
  4. FalconWrestling


    An issue I saw is that the second ref is basically superfluous in Kentucky the majority of the time. There was a heavyweight match where a takedown wasn’t scored because neither ref was watching the clock, there was also a noncall in a finals match where a secondary ref needs to step up and say, “yes that’s the rule.” It’s frustrating because this past state tournament I saw very good refs make mistakes they shouldn’t have had to make. I know that there is an issue with keeping our ref numbers up but just like with coaching just because we know and respect each other doesn’t mean we can’t push each other to do better. Some of the best refs in the country are here in Kentucky, but even then mistakes are made.
  5. FalconWrestling

    State Updates

    Ok, I know there was some confusion about it
  6. FalconWrestling

    State Updates

    Yost injured, Andreoni ejected
  7. FalconWrestling

    State Updates

    The year after Harrison Courtney graduated I think
  8. FalconWrestling

    Regional Weekend!!!

    The last girl to qualify for state was Priscilla Brownfield from Campbell County in I want to say 2006
  9. He didn't I'm assuming you think he wrestled Brennon Conrad, Neal Aldridge, and Ronan Wyatt He actually wrestled Jake Richman, Timmie Dunham, and Joe Rivera This is very common, I have a coworker who thinks his nephew pinned Bradley Miller when in reality he pinned another Taylor County wrestler
  10. Yes but the latest result is Radjapov over Cowan. That’s how rankings work. I’m not going to speak much more on the topic because as someone who did rankings for several years i respect Ranger’s professional opinion and don’t want to be a guy to whine or nitpick over rankings because that’s not my job nor is it of any interest to me. I was just confirming a result that occurred. Cowan is one of the best in the state and his body of Work of course demonstrates that. In case anyone quotes me wanting to continue the conversation I’m not really interested in adding more to the topic. Personally I feel I’ve said too much as it is
  11. Yes Radjapov picked up the win over Cowan
  12. FalconWrestling

    Region brackets put out yet?

    There have been times that even after building the brackets coaches don't want the brackets out. In those instances they say their wrestlers will get all worked up and worried about who they're wrestling. Personally I say always release the brackets as soon as possible, I think it's best for the sport to do so.
  13. FalconWrestling

    Region brackets put out yet?

    Region 4 hasn't even made its brackets yet
  14. FalconWrestling

    Make your picks region 4

    Wyatt Jones is at 220 Hedges should be at 113 I’ve for rankings and such that I have but I don’t do my predictions anymore like I used to do for Region 1 haha
  15. FalconWrestling

    JV State Location?

    It's +2 on top of the growth allowance
  16. FalconWrestling

    JV State Location?

    :Last year a scheduling conflict caused JV State to be temporarily relocated to Union County, it's back at Moore High School in Louisville where it usually is
  17. FalconWrestling

    Large School State Duals

    Losses to Christian County and Moore, not sure what their two wins are. Finals are Moore and Johnson Central
  18. FalconWrestling

    Large School State Duals

    St. X and Moore qualified
  19. FalconWrestling

    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/19

    From my understanding Indiana had to do set up their brackets that way to counteract the old rule of bye's not counting for team points. But a couple years ago it was changed that byes can be used to score points if the wrestler wins their next match. As it currently stands Indiana tournaments I have been to can be kind of ridiculous having wrestlers down on the mat in full gear to "collect a forfeit" rather than getting a bye
  20. FalconWrestling

    Schools by Region

    We are currently down to Five Middle School/Youth Programs for all of Louisville
  21. FalconWrestling

    Girls listed on rosters: updated 1/28/19

    Ya I'm going to assume a lot of these don't ok for weight drops. Maria Martinez from Moore is currently at 132, may go down to 126 and Emili Aguilar has been out injured most of the year unfortunately
  22. FalconWrestling

    Woodford Inv

    He’s not there
  23. FalconWrestling

    Missing wrestlers (from lineups)

    Hanson won’t be eligible this year to my understanding but Kulmer should be back soon. He had a pretty unsettling injury while weight lifting that has kept him out for awhile
  24. FalconWrestling

    KY proud

    Since Cornell is Ivy League and unable to redshirt they do what is called a "Grey Shirt" You will be able to find Ryan's results if you look for the Finger Lakes Wrestling Club. Mason may be at the Prep Academy