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  1. fireplug

    North Oldham Loses Three Middle School State Champs

    I see this as both a good and bad thing. its hard when private schools can get whoever they want. And with a great youth and middle school base in ky now, its easy to see who to Target. But in the other hand I think it shows where ky wrestling is going. It's a bigger sport now and more is at stake. 15-20 yrs ago you didn't see this, but now with state titles and scholarships on the line its gotten to be like other major sports. Good or bad, it is what it is. I hate to see a team of kids who should have went other places, but anymore that's just the way it is. Hopefully some day soon we will get back to the home grown schools winning titles.
  2. fireplug

    Teams in a slump

    I agree, technique only gets u so far. You gotta have all the other pieces too.
  3. fireplug

    Teams in a slump

    I agree, coach parks was great at getting the numbers and motivating them. I think also there is a scare factor that's just not there now. Kids now live in the moment, they are not scared of what you use to be. Didn't see coach Carr Sr all day on the floor Fri. Wonder if he is ready to step away? Also at one point I watched a woodford match that the whole first period the kid had no coach in the corner, that just can't happen. You never seen that with big Joe and coach parks
  4. fireplug

    Teams in a slump

    I don't think its all a lack in there programs, but a combination of that and the rest or the state closing the gap
  5. fireplug

    Questions About State

    Area was very nice and very few complaints. Tickets were a little high, but it is what it is In g town, nice hotel Severed head....
  6. fireplug

    Latest predictions for state!

    Love seeing binder wrestle, he's a beast. Heidorf will turn it up and win easily. By far easiest class to call is heavy. Young is a freak, i would be suprised if he is on the mat a total of 2 min. Mow with 4 pins will go to young
  7. fireplug

    question for coaches only

    We welcome kids in no matter what time yr.
  8. fireplug

    South Oldham Dragon Invitational?

    On the male thing, I dont think coach MCCOY is throwing them in the fire early, I think he is just getting his team ready. For a first year yeam, they look ok. Think he is showing them what he expects them to be and knows the best competition makes u better. I commend him on that and think its a smart move.
  9. fireplug

    motavation for 106 pounders Here's link to article on 106 lb Whalon from Henry clay. Got a feeling this will motivate some others at 106.
  10. fireplug

    Region 7 Rankings 1-04-12

    I hear lopez is just having some classroom issues. Hopefully he can get it turned around. Gotta take care of the books first. Best of luck to him
  11. fireplug


    Any team score results?
  12. fireplug

    Lafayette Invitational 12/21-12/22 matchups..thoughts

    Coach MCCOY informed me tonight he will post results and teams scores when he returns to Louisville tomorrow
  13. Best match I seen all day had to be the sudden death match with Caleb Austin of Christian co and angel vasquez of lafayette. I know Austin is a freshman and think vasquez is an 8th grader. Looks like two kids to watch for a long time
  14. fireplug

    Best match ever?

    Matt zarth from henry clay vs. Kid from ritz high school from Indiana.( can't remember his name) it was the finals at lafayette a few yrs back. Zarth lost in a close match, but man it was a battle. Two great wrestlers going at it.
  15. Just wondering how coaches are breaking their practices up time wise. What do you feel is most important? Conditioning, drilling, technique, live wrestling. How do your teams do it?