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  1. kywrfan

    best at 160 BESIDES courtney

    Honestly, I think it will be either a major or a pin. I know that he will not tech fall him but I bet it ends up like the finals match of Jake Lee and Alex Picket last year.
  2. kywrfan

    best at 160 BESIDES courtney

    Conner Coyle plays football, that was only his first week back in wrestling. I dont think that their next match will even be close.
  3. kywrfan


    It definitely going to be held at Ryle.
  4. kywrfan

    Region 6

    I am almost certain that Bates won against Lonkard.
  5. kywrfan


    Ryle is not going to state duals.
  6. kywrfan


    Region 6
  7. kywrfan

    State Duals

    It is probably because neither Ryle nor Seneca qualified for state duals.
  8. kywrfan

    Ky College wrestlers

    Mason Reid Bryan Peace
  9. kywrfan

    State Duals?

    To avoid confusion Ryle only had two varsity wrestlers that day.
  10. kywrfan

    State Duals?

    They beat Ryle's jv team with two varsity wrestlers.
  11. kywrfan

    Region 6 all star team this year so far

    No they have not that I am aware of.
  12. kywrfan

    Region 6 all star team this year so far

    Honestly you cannot be serious, just the fact that you have Kevin Cooper as the 119 all star makes your entire list look bad.
  13. kywrfan

    Ryle at South Dearborn

    Palmer placed third. He lost in double overtime in the semifinals
  14. They actually were good in the past, they won the state title in 1979 and had some very successful wrestlers.
  15. kywrfan

    Finals Predictions