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  1. fchs130

    Region 7 Predictions

    thompson beat mccall and wci, after mccall hurt thompsons ankle i might add. it was a semi close match, but with thompson healthy i dont think it will be nearly as close
  2. fchs130

    Strongest Wrestlers

    murphy is really technical which might suprise you, he looks really muscular but he really isnt that strong. he beat thompson pretty bad but did not use much strength in the match at all
  3. Thompson from franklin county has decided just to stay at 130 this year. it would be a easier cut and he would have a lot more strength to be very competitive for a state title at 130
  4. Thompson from Franklin Co. cant decide on whether to drop to 125 for his senior year or go 130 again. any thoughts
  5. fchs130

    for class of 09 wrestlers

    my goal is to beat anyone who gets in my way and be a state champ
  6. fchs130

    best freshman

    ok fact of the matter is...jude can wrestle. i dont care how old he is, as me being a junior last year and him in 8th grade he beat me. that is saying a lot about his level of intensity that he trains
  7. fchs130

    Wrestlers changing weight classes for next year

    Bryan Thompson is dropping to 125
  8. fchs130

    Franktown Showdown

    im not sure. my coach is running it so i will get back with u on that
  9. fchs130

    wrestling camps this summer

    im going to the ohio state leg attack series camp. its suppost to be really good
  10. At 130, Bryan Thompson from franklin co. beat Jack Podgorski twice this year and a few times last season. He has never lost to Podgorski as well
  11. fchs130

    wrestler with the most heart

    Ethan Miller from woodford County gave it his all every time he stepped on the mat!!!!!!!! Ethan whitt from Fraklin county did as well!! It is a shame to see kids not wrestle up to their potential! i def. agree. ethan whitt gave it everthing he had all year long, and forthat effort he made it to semi-finals. he has the heart of a true wrestler and is a great person all in all
  12. fchs130

    State ref rankings

    yeah the refs did pretty good this weekend...however i feel that Cole should have called stalling on Shane Parks in the 3rd period of finals with John Voth. Shane was just dancing around the mat and Voth couldnt work anything. That match should have gone into extra periods where i think John could have easily won the match
  13. fchs130

    Zac Brown vs. Dakota Kincer

    I heard Bryan Thompson from franklin co. can kill DDR and all the instruments on rock band. he was busting the guitar like no other night.