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    Region 3 Rankings 11-15-11

    im not tryiing o play favorites but sufi went out and pinned crawley the other day when they were doing a live match at practice so sufi should be a force this year but it all depnds on how everything pans out
  2. gator_roll

    Region 3 Rankings 11-15-11

    keep a look out for omar sufi from sout ill say hs a dark horse to win region at 113 if thats the weight he goes also wheres bryce?
  3. gator_roll

    Good Wrestlers W/O Medals???

    bordys shoulder was in too bad of shape after he hurt it this season he is actually having surgery on it again
  4. gator_roll

    Good Wrestlers W/O Medals???

    whalen and douglass were 1-1 on the season
  5. gator_roll

    Best first round match up

    tucker from southern and cory from ppc first round
  6. gator_roll

    Wrestling Tournaments vs SNOW

    southern as well
  7. glass from HC was pinned today by doss hwt not sure of name but was pinned in the first period
  8. gator_roll

    Region 3 Rankings 1/12/11

    weedman defeated Kenealy today at the duals
  9. gator_roll

    Jefferson Co. Tournament of Champions placers and team scores

    finals scores by any chance
  10. gator_roll

    Region 3 Rankings 11/22/10

    man, its crazy seeing all the new names on the rankings. congrats to southern still being ranked first and as well prp is looking like they are going to have a good team as well. and to all wrestlers in region 3, wrestler smart and wrestle hard. its the best sport out there. do your best and good luck to all of yall
  11. gator_roll

    Kentucky All Decade Team

    agree with all but 71 would have to go with reid
  12. gator_roll

    2010 State Champ Prediction Contest

    MOW Caleb Ervin
  13. gator_roll

    2010 State Champ Prediction Contest

    103- Brock Ervin 4 112- John Fahy14 119- Mark Hall2 125- Michael Osborne5 130- Luke Troxell10 135-Issac Ervin9 140-Caleb Ervin13 145-Terrance Demery3 152-Josh Johnson 8 160-Jake Lee 6 171-Brad Hitchings12 189-Evan Decker1 215-Tyler Crow11 285-Tyler Pace7
  14. gator_roll

    Region 3 Regional Predictions

    aha no ill be nice it was just a joke but she is a attractive girl
  15. gator_roll

    State Finals

    103: Garth Yenter vs Brock Ervin 112: John Fahy vs TJ Ruschell 119: Mark Hall vs Myron Bradbury 125: Michael Osborne vs Jayce Carr 130: Austin Palmer vs Luke Troxell 135: Isaac Thomas vs Travis Krauziewicz 140: Caleb Ervin vs Zach Roland 145: Korey Shotwell vs Matt Slone 152: Josh Johnson vs Connor Coyle 160: Jake Lee vs John Lampe 171: Brad Hitchings vs Spencer Warren 189: Bernard Ray vs Evan Decker 215: Tyler Crow vs Drew Newberry 285: Glenn Frost vs Tyler Pace
  16. gator_roll

    Region 3 Regional Predictions

    josh gibson pinned dan smith last week when they wrestled
  17. gator_roll

    Region 7

    well there is a pretty interesting semi final tocome then
  18. gator_roll

    Region 3 Regional Predictions

    aha you just wanna wrestle the good lookin girl
  19. gator_roll

    Region 3 Regional Predictions

    well they can fix anything so im not worried about the shoulder, aha my coach said i might have her first round of the tourney i was like oh god another awkward match
  20. gator_roll

    Region 3 Regional Predictions

    AJ is a pretty good wrestler but that was also my first match back after atwo week sit out and he also hurt is shoulder in the match so my coach said no to even touch that arm i hurt so it was awkward wrestling a guy with one arm. but i am going to be at regionals i started practicing yesterday and i am going to come full speed at everyone i wrestle its all or nothing this year only thing i want is another region title and to see what i can do at state with a messed up shoulder
  21. gator_roll

    New Region 3 Rankings?

    aha thanks man but i will be back for wrestling this season i have to try to be southerns first 2x region champ, and ofcorse i want that state medal. but thanks man i appricate it and coach pack thank you that means alot and i hope your team the best of luck
  22. gator_roll

    New Region 3 Rankings?

    hey guys thank you for the respect and i truly mean that, i would like to say yes i did suffer a pretty bad injury i have a torn labrum tendon but i will be at regionals i can not stand it being my senior year and not wrestling at regionals nor state. and i truly want to place and i am going to do everything i can to place. and also i have 99 career wins and i want the one more :-D
  23. gator_roll

    Best worst excuse

    why am i not surprised that was steven willbanks aha
  24. well just stating the guy i posted about has only lost to mark hall, myron bradbury brocco (but revenged the loss) kaelin and pike i never said he should be moved up but i was just letting it be known
  25. i know i am not trying to make excuses for him but he was not in that match mentally but i just wanted it know he did beat them who are high ranked