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  1. it looks like 130 will be tough at TCI...
  2. Warrior125

    wrestling camps this summer

    Im going to jeff jordans state champ camp.
  3. Warrior125

    112 vs. 119

    there would be some good match-ups.
  4. Warrior125


    Any information on the seniors?
  5. Warrior125


    Can you just post a link? I can not find it.
  6. At 215 (5) jacob ilg of newport pinned (2) Old Co Ichiro Chiba at state.
  7. Warrior125

    Border Wars HWT's

    im not sure about the other placers but jacob ilg did get 1st
  8. Warrior125

    Peace vs. Courtney

    If Peace and courtney ever wrestled who would win?
  9. Warrior125

    Frontier Wrestling Club

    ok thanks
  10. Warrior125

    Frontier Wrestling Club

    What time does it start and end
  11. Warrior125

    Conners Border War Qualifier is now full!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you post the brackets?
  12. Warrior125


    Who all is going at 130...
  13. Warrior125

    Most Exciting Match

    How about Nate Ilg of newport (160) beating jake lee of campbell county in overtime to place. He ended up placing 8th, jacob ilg (215) placed 7th, and John Hale (119) was one match away from placing.
  14. Warrior125

    region 6

    No ever meet we go to and ryle is there i wrestled there jv guy...
  15. Warrior125

    region 6

    :roll: But it doesnt matter cause john hale beat him