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  1. singleleg16

    Biggest Shocker or Let down: Individual and Team

    Ryle and pretty much the entire stadium were booing the call, not Bradbury. I was confused because I thought that they had awarded the points to the wrong wrestler and Bradbury's reaction was one of anger, not celebration. I would definitely say that there were some controversial calls throughout the entire match, and not a single one favored Hall. But that questionable takedown with just a few seconds left and Bradbury's reaction after it was the weirdest of the night.
  2. singleleg16

    Ryle is about to show what Ryle is about.

    But which overtime was it in?
  3. singleleg16

    Biggest Shocker or Let down: Individual and Team

    It was 4-2 with about 3 seconds left, before that controversial takedown. I think a lot of the crowd thought that the takedown had been awarded to Hall, and that the match was going into OT.
  4. singleleg16

    Ryle is about to show what Ryle is about.

    Had Hall beaten Bradbury, how big of a point swing would that have been? I don't think that it would have been enough to change the standings, but it would have definitely brought the teams closer. And what happened with Trinity's 215's semi-final match? The one where he escaped in double or triple overtime and was taken down while celebrating and the ref dismissed the takedown, then allowed the match to resume, and declared Trinity the winner?
  5. singleleg16

    Biggest Shocker or Let down: Individual and Team

    I agree. I'll be looking for Brock to be Kentucky's first 5-time state champ. As for Hall: I was extremely impressed with his composure after the match. I did not agree with the officiating on that match, and I doubt Hall did either, but the way he handled himself was nothing short of amazing.
  6. What does weight have to do with stalling?
  7. He was ranked 9th and got 8th. And he stalls through his matches and tries to get a reversal in the third period, and usually only wins by 1 or 2 points
  8. singleleg16

    best wrestling family

    I agree that Kary Goff did very well for a first year wrestler, but the fact is that he was a SENIOR, meaning he was 17 or 18 years old, wrestling at 103, which would mean that he would have a huge athletic advantage over the other 103's, who are mostly 8,9, and 10th graders. And his brother is already in 7th or 8th grade and weighs around 70 lbs. Did the little brother win or place in middle school state? Did he win or place or qualify for JV State? And i don't really think that 2 brothers makes up a full wrestling family.
  9. singleleg16

    Open Mat

    St.X has open mats on tuesdays and thursdays and trinity had an open mat going a couple days a week last year, but i don't know what days their doing it this year
  10. singleleg16

    Wrestlers that didn't place...

    I'm fairly certain that Dakota Kincer didn't place. He got pinned by Bradbury 2nd round, but i don't know how he ended up doing in the consols.
  11. singleleg16

    Who do you think the best sophmore at state is?

    brock messina's a senior
  12. But Carr and Harrison had 6 shots at a state championship. Knable only wrestled at a high school level for 4 years, but what about Hardin and Clarkston?
  13. singleleg16

    Reffing at Hoops?

    I was wandering if anybody felt that the some of the reffs reffed poorly or had little experience, or was the reffing average
  14. singleleg16

    Reffing at Hoops?

    I thought that there may have been some questionable calls and bad reffing at the regions held at Hoops.
  15. singleleg16

    quickest pin???

    He holds the record for the nations fastest heavyweight pin Travis Sullivan had a 3.2 second pin against an Atherton opponent a few years ago