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  1. CoachK

    Youth wrestling nicholasville

    Ok, do you have an email for him by chance.
  2. I have a nephew in the nicholasville area that wants to try wrestling. I am in Louisville, so not real familiar with the area at this level. Are there any clubs around there? Thanks in advance...
  3. CoachK


    The second ref is there to look for locked hands, out of bounds or other calls that the first could not see. They are there to assist the first one in the calls if asked or if questioned. Correct, not to blow their whistle and stop action or interrupt it. But if they see locked hands they are allowed (and expected) to call it or let other ref know. As well as out of bounds takedowns etc. They don't need help with time, there are two table workers and a buzzer for that for the other 755 matches and it goes just fine with one then.
  4. CoachK


    My problem with the refs is two of the best two in the state weren't even wearing shirts to ref. They should have taken the two worst that were on the mat and put them in the position of errand runner and paper person instead of those two. Also I think there needs to be a better use of the two refs on the mat. The whole purpose for having two refs is not to just catch the wrestlers when they go out of bounds, but to look for locked hands and pay attention to what is happening in the match and make calls and discuss things to get the best outcome in the match. Not to say "well Im not the official you need to ask him". And then when you ask the head one he shouldn't say "its my call".
  5. CoachK

    Jefferson County Tournament

    Rosado most likely will not be this weekend, still battling an injury. I think first three will be between, St. X., Moore and Southern. They had a good showing last weekend at Woodford.
  6. CoachK


    Part of what hurt Moore was we had several guys already have 5 matches in the day and had to forfeit their final match of the day and lose the placing/advancement points to other teams. If I remember right from that night we had 4 guys who forfeited their final match and got fourth instead of the possibility of third. Then to lose by only 7 when if just a couple of those 4 kids had won (one forfeit was to a Trinity wrestler as well) it may have been a different I wish 6 matches in a day would happen!! And we had three guys who got stuck in the losing bracket early and only had two or three matches all day, that hurt as well. And had three varsity starters still not in the lineup.
  7. There are some differences there, his kids were in Catholic grade school and just continued on through Catholic school and was just at Fern Creek program due to his past as well as availability. I think really the only ones that people question are those kids that aren't in Catholic School up until High School and then start going. As far as out of county kids there are no Catholic schools in surrounding counties to Jefferson that they would be able to attend and continue wrestling.
  8. CoachK

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    I would disagree with that statement. But say that for SOME people of the catholic faith there is no topic more important than religion. So say that for everyone is way off. I deal with the public on a daily basis and am surprised at how people react on a daily basis to certain situations, nothing to do with sports or schools but rather adult life in general. Many are the first to complain and cry about what is going on until the get something that they feel is fair to them. Usually it means that they get something for free out of my company. I go into peoples houses all the time and see religious artifacts and slogans up and yet the are quick to curse and complain when something comes up that they personally have to take care of that I will not do. Again this isn't for everyone but the same goes for school. Not everyone sends their kids to catholic school because of that. My kids are the first generation on my wifes side to not go to catholic school for 5 generations. But her and her brothers don't care for the attitudes that the catholic school institution has right now in combination with the rising tuition costs. And like many people have said, neither side is going to change their mind about how they feel but it's just a shame that they get away with it like they do.
  9. CoachK

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    But the problem in using percents is that there is a large number of public school students who don't even take the ACT test becauses they aren't going to college, they are going to a trade school that doesn't require it, going to work in the coal mine or local factory or the family farm. And then there are the number of kids who don't graduate and don't ever plan on it so they don't take the test. And this is considering the amount of money that someone else is paying to get an athlete to the school not just the kids who are going to public school and paying nothing for it. And the percentage of kids going to college is of course higher for these reasons. I would never pay for my kids to go to high school just because of the school...I am not Catholic so that wouldn't convince me to send them there for that reason. Like Trent said it starts at the top...way too much money being made off of them and so they don't want it to stop.
  10. CoachK

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    And there is no way any money from a local supporter could mysteriously find it's way in account outside of the place in saying noone in college gets extras either because they are regulated...
  11. CoachK

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    All I gotta say You believe that???
  12. I believe so, and then he went to St. X for a few years didn't he until Coach K got there?
  13. CoachK

    Hardest Weight to Place?

    He tends to not push the pace as much as he should and of course I am biased but there was two questionable calls in the match against Fausz, one that gave Fausz points and one that didn't give Rosado points. But he has one more year so we hope he will improve as much from this year to next year as last year to this year.
  14. The money was no issue for his parents!! He transferred for the sports reasons more, there just isn't much good at KCD, no offense to them but it isn't there priority like it is at X. I couldn't remember if he won his freshman year or not.