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  1. bigdaddy

    Bryce Alexander wins again.

    Former Henderson Co. wrestler Bryce Alexander won the 160lb class one Missouri state championship to claim his second state title. Alexander won at 152 last season. Thanks to our superintendent and school board the colonel team was eliminated from the school as a varsity sport. Much credit for Alexanders success goes to Union Co. Coach and 2x Kentucky State champion Danny Lovell who gave Bryce a solid wrestling foundation coaching him while Lovell was the HC head coach. Others who have a hand in his success are J.R. Bryant,Brandon Cole and Cory Noelus.
  2. bigdaddy

    Mitch Ervin vs. Harrison Courtney

    Mitch wins it 9-3
  3. bigdaddy

    Bryce Alexander 152 pound state champ

    You are right Brandon & have a good memory , Bryce was going after me and you stepped in and bailed me out. I'm 6'-1" and over 200lbs and reasonably strong and 135lb. Alexander had the moves and tenacity to give me a wrestling lesson, thanks for the help figurefour. It was all in good fun and a great memory. Hey folks give Bryce his due. I know he would have loved to competed in Ky. this season but wasn't able to under any circumstance. Plan and simple he is a State Champion.
  4. bigdaddy

    Bryce Alexander 152 pound state champ

    Bottom line is Bryce got it done.Figurefour(Brandon Cole) would be to modest to take any credit for Bryce's success but I saw first hand daily at Henderson Co. practice sessions how much Coach Cole taught Bryce. One of the best practice match's I ever saw was one between Cole&Alexander. It was right after the south Jr. High "Bulldog Classic". We were rolling up the mats and the two started wrestling out of the blue. I'm sure Cole remembers it well, they went after it for several minutes at full speed,neither giving an inch. It was great fun to watch. Cole wrestled for Union Co. and placed 5th. at state( correct me if Im wrong on the place). Cole was a great asset to the former Colonel program . Way to go Bryce,enjoy your Championship who knows maybe he repeats next season........
  5. bigdaddy

    Bryce Alexander wins!

    Missouri has 4 classes, of course # 1 is set for smaller schools but it is still a title to be proud of.....
  6. bigdaddy

    Bryce Alexander wins!

    Former Henderson Co. wrestler Bryce Alexander won the Missouri High School Class #1 State Championship @ 152 on Saturday 6-1 over Dakota Gilbert. Congratulations to Bryce......
  7. bigdaddy


    Union Co. 15-2 on day one with 10 pins and to tech falls.....not a bad start .
  8. bigdaddy

    UC Head coach on espn radio

    ESPN radio 106.7 FM will conduct a live on air interview with UC Head coach Dennis Walls on Tuesday Feb. 17. The local program "All about sports" hosted by Dan Egeirski airs between 5-6pm ct. The Braves are going for a three-peat in Frankfort. 106.7 FM has a clear signal in the Evansville, Henderson and Union Co. area.
  9. bigdaddy

    region 1 final predictions

    I would go with the three Ervins as locks,as well as Woolen @171. The 189 could be interesting, No doubt Mckenny in the final,but who will he face? My best guess would be Dillard but Proffitt could make a run at the final.Either way I don't see Mckenny not placing 1st.
  10. bigdaddy

    Bryce Alexander

    Thanks for the correction on the number of classes in Missouri.....
  11. bigdaddy

    Bryce Alexander

    Former region one wrestler Bryce Alexander is wrestling in Maryville Mo. The latest update on how he is doing in the show me state is undefeated thus far. He beat the 5th ranked 152 in class A. Missouri has three divisions in their high school wrestling alignment. Alexander was a standout for the former Henderson Co. team. Alexander and UC's Luke Ervin had three tight match's last season with Ervin going 2-1 against Alexander.
  12. Henderson Co. sent seven and one alternate to Frankfort in Feb.08, in all time high. It's a shame that Bryce Alexander,Scotty Hogan,Chris Meriwether,Eric Buchanan,Christopher Forrest,Alex Higgins,Cory Roberts,Andrew Mullin and other wrestlers had their high school carriers cut short by a school system that just did not get the positive attributes of this sport and wouldn't give an inch to keep this thriving team going forward. Thanks coach''s J.R. Bryant,Brandon Cole,Cory Noelus,Lance Fryer,Joey Greenwell and last but not least Danny Lovell Who had the vision to get the program up and running several years ago. Going to tournaments and watching my son(Jackson Daugherty) and others on our team wrestle will always be some of my fondest memories. The early morninig rides,stopping to eat on the way home....what a great time it was. I still have a heart for the sport and was only involved in it for two years. Even though we don't have a dog in the fight any longer I'll probably attend some events this upcoming season. In case you haven't heard Bryce Alexander moved to Missouri and will be able to continue his high school wrestling,you that have seen our wrestled Bryce know what a talent.....Good luck Bryce and good luck region one! Dennis Daugherty
  13. bigdaddy

    Henderson County program needs your help!

    cmmcoy, any thing you can do to help save this wrestling team from becoming history would be appreciated.You can contact HCHS AD Jody White @ 270-831- 5044.
  14. bigdaddy

    Henderson County program needs your help!

    Thanks for expressing concern for the potential demise of HCHS wrestling. I along with several others addressed the school board and Dr. Richey on May 19. I was proud of the way everyone conducted themselves and the valid points they made to the board about the benefits to student athletes of a wrestling team. I hope the school board will decide that a high school wrestling team can reap many positive rewards. We now wait for their decision. Dennis Daugherty
  15. bigdaddy

    Courtney vs Ervin

    Harrison and Mitch are both gifted athletes not to mention the wrestling ability's they have worked so hard to achieve. But having them face off on the mat at the same weight I can't see any way Mitch would not come out on top.