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  1. pmilf103

    motavation for 106 pounders

    Congrats to Mike. He's a good kid and deserves it.
  2. pmilf103

    Nationals Training

    If anyone in the Lexington area needs a ride up to Walton tonight, I've got 2 extra seats in my car. Just let me know.
  3. pmilf103

    Nationals Training

    Heard there's a lot of good kids showing up. I'm going to come up on Wednesday night.
  4. pmilf103

    103 State Bracket

    103 Rd 1 Yenter CC_______ Butcher SC Rd 2 ---------------- Abernathy Meade__ Blackwell UHA Quarters ---------------- Shirkley OC______ ----------------- Leverich Ath_____ Milford PD Semis ------------------ Gross Let________ Whalen HC ----------------- McKenna SO_____ Heck CH ---------------- Giddens Sou_____ Sahms FtCam ----------------- Brown WV_______ Hall Moore Finals ------------------------ Ervin Union______ Benavidez Eas ----------------- Parrot SK________ Auxier JC ----------------- Bishop StX_______ Soriano Bour ----------------- Mann BullCen____ Hines Lar ----------------- Rusch NO_______ Cutshall FtKnox ------------------ Bray Whit_______ Rearic Laff ---------------- Adams Ryle_____ Corcoran Tri ------------------ Gilkey Cald______ Payton PRP Let me know if I messed up somewhere, but this is what it looks like...
  5. pmilf103

    pray before we play at state tournament.

    A few of the Dunbar wrestlers and I will join.
  6. pmilf103

    103 State Bracket

    yeah i missed that one sorry...
  7. pmilf103

    Region 6 (from what I can remember)

    except region 2... i can post 103 bracket as soon as i get results from region 2...
  8. pmilf103

    Random draw

    It will be on the khsaa website as soon as they have every regions' results...
  9. pmilf103

    Region 7

    Anyone have the seedings of any other weights??
  10. pmilf103

    Region 7

    Anyone have the full seedings for friday/saturday?
  11. pmilf103

    Region 7

    I was thinking the same thing. Bracco should have been the 2 seed IMO.
  12. pmilf103

    Region 7

    Lol I suppose. But I was thinkin about some of the other weights... I know 119 is 1. Bryant Laff. 2. Abney TC 3. Soriano Bour. 4. Bracco Wood.
  13. pmilf103

    Mustang Classic Predictions

    Who wants to share some results?
  14. pmilf103

    down under sports

    Haha I did and Australia would be sweet, but I'm sure its CRAZY expensive...
  15. pmilf103

    Same side of the Bracket at state

    For most weights, I think the top 3 are all state champ caliber wrestlers. What sucks is that its not THAT unlikely for the top 3 to end up on the same side... So its pretty easy to get shafted for the finals unless they seed the top 4, which they don't do.
  16. Hasn't Bernard Ray droppped down to 171 since 5 Star?
  17. pmilf103

    Region 7?

    They didn't wrestle that night, but he did beat him at TCI.
  18. pmilf103

    5 Star Classic

    Yeah have they separated the pools yet?
  19. I think he wrestled and beat him at TCI on Saturday. But like I said, I might be wrong.
  20. Double check this, but I think Bill Davis (PLD HWT) beat Bruce from Laff.
  21. pmilf103

    5 Star Classic

    So which of the other teams are being replaced? The way its set up there can only be 16 teams...
  22. pmilf103

    TCI (Tates Creek Invitational)

    Neither. Brown, Rearic, and Milford were on the same side of the bracket. Shirley had to beat the Johnson Central 103 (in OT) and Mike Whalen. And the score was 9-5 I think.
  23. pmilf103

    5 Star Classic

    Its a round robin dual meet with 4 pools of 4, then its split into a bracketed individual tournament (separated by your record that day). So 3-0 wrestlers will wrestler eachother, 2-1 wrestlers will wrestle, and so on.
  24. Luke Rearic lost to Clay Brown at TCI (I think 9-5) and beat Joel Soriano in OT by a takedown.Anthony Shirley pinned Mike Whalen in the second period at TCI also.
  25. pmilf103

    TCI (Tates Creek Invitational)

    I think that's what happened last year but they ended up bringing varsity anyways... So I was thinking they would be there again.