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  1. pmilf103

    motavation for 106 pounders

    Congrats to Mike. He's a good kid and deserves it.
  2. pmilf103

    Nationals Training

    If anyone in the Lexington area needs a ride up to Walton tonight, I've got 2 extra seats in my car. Just let me know.
  3. pmilf103

    Nationals Training

    Heard there's a lot of good kids showing up. I'm going to come up on Wednesday night.
  4. pmilf103

    pray before we play at state tournament.

    A few of the Dunbar wrestlers and I will join.
  5. pmilf103

    103 State Bracket

    yeah i missed that one sorry...
  6. pmilf103

    103 State Bracket

    103 Rd 1 Yenter CC_______ Butcher SC Rd 2 ---------------- Abernathy Meade__ Blackwell UHA Quarters ---------------- Shirkley OC______ ----------------- Leverich Ath_____ Milford PD Semis ------------------ Gross Let________ Whalen HC ----------------- McKenna SO_____ Heck CH ---------------- Giddens Sou_____ Sahms FtCam ----------------- Brown WV_______ Hall Moore Finals ------------------------ Ervin Union______ Benavidez Eas ----------------- Parrot SK________ Auxier JC ----------------- Bishop StX_______ Soriano Bour ----------------- Mann BullCen____ Hines Lar ----------------- Rusch NO_______ Cutshall FtKnox ------------------ Bray Whit_______ Rearic Laff ---------------- Adams Ryle_____ Corcoran Tri ------------------ Gilkey Cald______ Payton PRP Let me know if I messed up somewhere, but this is what it looks like...
  7. pmilf103

    Region 6 (from what I can remember)

    except region 2... i can post 103 bracket as soon as i get results from region 2...
  8. pmilf103

    Random draw

    It will be on the khsaa website as soon as they have every regions' results...
  9. pmilf103

    Region 7

    Anyone have the seedings of any other weights??
  10. pmilf103

    Region 7

    I was thinking the same thing. Bracco should have been the 2 seed IMO.
  11. pmilf103

    Region 7

    Lol I suppose. But I was thinkin about some of the other weights... I know 119 is 1. Bryant Laff. 2. Abney TC 3. Soriano Bour. 4. Bracco Wood.
  12. pmilf103

    Region 7

    Anyone have the full seedings for friday/saturday?
  13. pmilf103

    Mustang Classic Predictions

    Who wants to share some results?
  14. pmilf103

    down under sports

    Haha I did and Australia would be sweet, but I'm sure its CRAZY expensive...
  15. pmilf103

    Same side of the Bracket at state

    For most weights, I think the top 3 are all state champ caliber wrestlers. What sucks is that its not THAT unlikely for the top 3 to end up on the same side... So its pretty easy to get shafted for the finals unless they seed the top 4, which they don't do.