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  1. hindu56

    sleepers at state

    with the state tournement only days away, who do you think is the sleepers, come out of nowhere to win the title
  2. hindu56


    robey has three losses this year, 2 of them to seneca and shoopeman for the 3 loss, the robey shoopeman rematch was robey 12 shoopeman 2 i do believe
  3. hindu56

    Ok, its that time of year again..

    i think the 32 man bracket is pretty good, if lil jonny gets his teeth kicked in by a 1 seed that'll make him work that much harder for the next year, plus some of the regions have a lot of quality wrestlers at the same weight, region 6 130 for example palmer, cooper, and supe, cut the bracket in half 1 of those kids dont make it to state and all 3 have a good chance of placing
  4. hindu56

    103 State Bracket

    i think 103 looks pretty good for the finals, milford or yenter v.s. ervin, not to take anything away from hines, but ervin is on a whole nother level, teched hines at the bruin duals
  5. hindu56

    Best Finals Match in Region

    i think henderson and paden should have went to ot again, paden was warned for stalling early in the match but points never awarded, and in my opinion a questionable call that couldve awarded henderson a point to make the match 2-2. awesome match.
  6. hindu56

    Region 2 Draw (Attached in PDF)

    with all the snow, will regions still take place?
  7. hindu56

    Random Draw

    so the day after regions you can see who will meet first at state
  8. hindu56

    Mustang Classic (Valley Results)

    does anybody have the results by round?
  9. hindu56

    best overlooked wrestler

    what wrestlers dont get the credit they deserve?
  10. hindu56

    Who to watch out for in Region # 2

    joey henderson at 112, kyle terry at 130, shelby floyd at 135, cody reeser at 189
  11. scott cooper from larue also a 2 time state champ
  12. hindu56

    region 2

  13. hindu56

    region 2

    does anybody know how the brackets for region 2 will be with 9 teams
  14. im not saying anything to take away from his accomplishments, but just because you dominate 103 doesnt mean your a stud, look at elliot martin a couple years ago, dominated 103 and got beat as soon as he bumped to 119. im just saying everyone talks about how good he is, but how you react when you lose is what defines a true champion. i just dont think that anybody is to good to be beat.