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  1. how did caddell from whitley do and who'd he beat?
  2. wc_152


    Caddell from Whitley is gonna win it wherever he is be it 130 or 135
  3. wc_152

    Duncan Caddell

    any predictions on how he will do this year?
  4. wc_152

    Courtney vs Ervin

    the only reason Ervin stuck Beau is because Beau did a stupid move and got caught.....sometimes you get caught....who was in the state finals with courtney is what matters
  5. wc_152

    Biggest surprises of the state tournament

    dont' get any big ideas courtney would pin him in the first
  6. wc_152

    Most Exciting Match

    yeah he won state but every match was close......no one beat sullivan either and corey spencer didn't get MOW....it's for teh most outstanding wrestler at state and courtney pinned or teched everyone so he won it rightfully
  7. wc_152

    Senior Dominated State Tournament

    yeah courtney lost to joey sanders from wayne county at 130 in a one point match by result of a questionable call but who knows
  8. wc_152

    Any Upsets Today?

    not really that big of an upset...is was a 3-2 match at regionals too with sullivan winning.......sullivan hasn't really wrestled anyone good all year......maybe if he had went to a couple national tourney's he would have a fourth crown
  9. wc_152

    Final Predictions Each Weight Class

    103 Elam over Badgett 112 Spencer minor Sullivan 119 Zarth over Daniels 125 Evans over Voth (MOW) 130 Johnson over Ervin 135 Brown over Miller 140 Peace dec Shotwell 145 Courtney maj Sanders 152 Ashbrook maj Webb 160 Ervin dec Sheehan 171 Reid pin Hitchings 189 Jones over Houchens 215 Dials dec Green 285 Fuller dec Bailey
  10. wc_152

    Finals for 152

    Ashbrook seems unstoppable he's stick Dakota Choate in the semi's on his way to the championship majoring vaugh or webb in the finals
  11. wc_152

    TOP 8 AT 125

    1. Evans 2. Voth 3. Parks 4. Wempe 5. Zeppa 6. Vinsant 7. Bontrager 8. Engle
  12. wc_152

    Matchups at state

    on the bottom part of the 125 bracket you have Evans, Parks and Wempe so basically 125 is just stacked
  13. wc_152

    Region 6 regionals

    no he wrestles for north hardin....you just keep pouring it on now you look dumb three times
  14. wc_152

    region 8... rankings anyone have their picks?

    troxell will win 103
  15. wc_152

    Another possibe 4 time state champ in Kentucky

    sullivan is ranked 9th in his class