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  1. adam lynch which is me is goin to lindsey but idk what i will be wrestling yet :mrgreen:
  2. wrestling44

    Buillet Central Tournament

    Yeah Ohio County won the tournament by 26 points 112 Chase boone won 1st going 103 119 Tylor boone won 1st 119 Billy Moore got 2nd going 112 125 Jason Ruby got 2nd 135 Patrick Bunch won 1st going 130 152 Andy Kiper got 3rd lost 14-12 to iroquis going 140 160 Adam Lynch got 2nd lost to jeremiah walls 7-3 going 145 189 Jordan Woolen got 1st going 171
  3. wrestling44

    for class of 09 wrestlers

    good one your cool i am sorry for not using punctuation on this site
  4. wrestling44

    for class of 09 wrestlers

    not saying anything but just work hard wrestle the best wrestlers in the state and hopefully become one of the best I am excited and I cant wait to be on the mat
  5. hey ranger, man hardly any one gives you credit for this yeah there are always going to be a little difference in the rankings but good job
  6. hey this is lynch and i was just saying that i was up on judson pitman 2-10 and then i pinned him so i won, he is ranked a little in front of me and patrick bunch beat scotty hogan sat with a pin
  7. wrestling44

    region 1 rankings 12-5-07

    hey this is lynch i am not making it to 140 i am going 145 this year i agree with jordan's ranking they are pretty close i really think ohio co as a team will for sure be top 4 in the region but that is just me region and states are coming up time to get excited!!!!
  8. wrestling44

    Hoptown Takedown Tournament...

    robert whatever was at 152 maybe issac bumped up
  9. wrestling44

    Hoptown Takedown Tournament...

    Man this is adam lynch that christain county kid kept backing out every time i did duck unders and snap down but everytime he would hurry up and get out of bounds cant wait until we wrestle in the season
  10. wrestling44

    ohio county wrestling

    hey i should not be running my mouth on here i am just a competative person but we should be okay we have a bunch of new wrestlers but we have some really good coaches so we will be in shape thats for sure lol
  11. wrestling44

    region1 lineups?

    103little bennett 112 tyler bennett 119 tyler boone 125 130 135 patrick bunch 140 adam lynch 145andy kiper 152 160 171jordan woolen (he could be going 160) 189 215 adam chinn 285 zack johnson
  12. wrestling44

    Region 1 Finals

    nobody said that king and brack couldnt beat me it is like this season is coming up and i will be ready and then we will see but i will not be fourth
  13. wrestling44

    Region 1 Finals

    ISSAC IRVIN, ADAM LYNCH, JOSH KING, AND THEN BRANDON BRACK but i dont know anything can happen
  14. wrestling44

    Region 1 Finals

    i was beatin him last year and i have got alot stronger so probably
  15. wrestling44

    Region 1 Finals

    Listen Ohio County is top 3 team in region 1 i know we had alot of seniors but we got 2nd but we also beat the third place team my more than 100 points when you doubt somebody you get upsets we are going to have a big team, alot of new wrestlers, and two leaders jordan woolen and me adam lynch i am either going 135 140 maybe 130 but doubt it, jordan is going 160 171