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  1. indyman189

    Region 1 Rankings

    well lets not get cocky
  2. indyman189

    Region 1 Rankings

    Caldwell started a middle school team this year and they all placed at regionals they will definatly be a force to reckon with in a couple years also joe young dylan hale and steven lamb are no longer with the team and thats from the head coach
  3. indyman189

    strongest wrestler on your team

    my freshman and sophmore year it was curt martan who was 171 and noone could hang with him
  4. indyman189

    Best worst excuse

    yea my team was walkin right behind him when it happened it was bad
  5. indyman189

    REGION 1 171

    well so far it will prolly be Gavin Agneau i dont see many competing with him unless he gets a big head.
  6. indyman189

    Rock or Rap

    its kinda funny when people think that louisville is hood try livin in the outskirts of Gary Indiana (back in the late 90's was the murder capital of the USA)
  7. indyman189


    yea i know montgomery central and claksville north east and north west were there in past years
  8. alright i wrestled 189 last year zimi will be a solid kid if he learns a good take down, plus this year he is only a junior. another thing at the blue gray duals this past year was zimis 1st tournament but i dont know why.
  9. indyman189

    Region 1

    thats true but if you only have medium ranked wrestlers and no power houses its gonna be difficult to win tournaments and we havent seen what we need to give credit to
  10. indyman189

    JV State Tournament?

    who cares where its at show up and wrestle
  11. indyman189

    Region 1

    alright that works but those 3 still got alot of christains points especially dee
  12. indyman189

    Region 1

    didnt yall lose alot of people last year and wat does your roster look like
  13. indyman189

    Region 1

    caldwell should have a few good kids in Gavin Agneau at 171/189 Steven Lamb at 160/171 and Dylan Hale at 145 Matt Smith at maybe 130, there might be a few more
  14. indyman189


    Make sure you drink lots of water if you are doing football, during practice you will lose alot of water and if you dont replace it you will dehydrate alot faster than normal.
  15. indyman189


    watch out for the tattoos you should be able to bench 300lbs when you get one