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  1. littleproffitt

    STATE 140 lb. Bracket.... eww :0 NASTY!

    what did he do to get DQ'd??
  2. littleproffitt

    Region 1

    Caldwell only had three. 160 Steven Lamb 2nd, 171 Gavin Agnew 2nd, 189 Kyle Proffitt 3rd
  3. littleproffitt HS Rankings 2008/2009 - JAN 21

    At 140 Dillion Hale from Caldwell County pinned Zach Mitchell in 2nd round At 103 Keagan Agnew dec. Kyra Hudson All of this happened at Region 1 duels at caldwell today And Robert Moll is mo longer wrestling
  4. littleproffitt

    Region 1

    he was sick all that week so coach didnt want him to wrestle
  5. littleproffitt

    Region 1

    Flynn was 215 at paducah duals and Channing was hwt and that was the last time we wrestled yall
  6. littleproffitt

    Region 1

    there are plenty of matchs on there that are no where near close, for caldwell kids anyways 152 Robert moll pinned manning in the 2 period at paducah duals 160 Steven lamb is sitting at second 189 Mark payne hasnt wreslted 189 that i know of Proffitt beat dilllard, tanner Flynn is 215 Channing Revelett is hwt for caldwell
  7. littleproffitt HS Rankings 2008/2009 - JAN 7

    160 1 Wood Co Harrison Courtney 12 2 Bull Cen Jeremiah Walls 12 3 Lar Co Bernard Ray 9 4 Cam Co Jake Lee 11 5 Ryle Connor Coyle 10 6 Mc Cen Preston Shoopman 11 7 Fr Co Josh Bruning 11 8 SC Austin Stepp 10 9 Har Co Seth Coy 12 10 Con Preston Adams 12 11 SO Spencer Warren 11 12 Sen Cameron Broussard 11 13 St X Ross Robinson 11 14 PRP William Northington 10 15 CH Eric Jaggers 11 16 Meade Nelson Mason Jr 12 17 JH Max Malito 18 Ft Knox Brian Frazier 11 19 BS Najee Caldren 20 Tri Adam Gunn 21 Old Co Jacob Miles 12 22 Sou Brody O'Leary 10 23 Man Tyler Ford 12 24 Irq Lantis Weatherington 25 JC John Conley 26 Chr Co Jeron Trice 27 Un Co Kenneth Brummett 8 28 Cen Roy Sublett 29 Vall Kasey Autry 11 30 Hop Chad Jordan 31 Eas Hunter Boroff 11 32 Cald Co Robert Moll 33 Laf David Kenner 34 0 0 35 0 0 Robert Moll is 152 for Caldwell, Steven Lamb is our 160
  8. littleproffitt HS Rankings 2008/2009 - DEC 27

    Flynn will also be dropping to 215 either this saturday or next
  9. littleproffitt HS Rankings 2008/2009 - DEC 27

    At 189 Kyle Proffitt Dec. Derrick Dillard 5-4 at calloway duals
  10. littleproffitt HS Rankings - 2008/2009 DEC 18

    Saturday Gavin Agnew Dec. Calvin Mcneely 9-8, was a very good match
  11. littleproffitt


    As a first year head coach i would say that coach walls does a good job of getting ready for a match, he would always joke about if someone that you were about to wrestle, would be talking smack, and most of the time he is serious, and other times he just makes you laugh, he is a funny guy to hang out with. mickey walls just had that natural ability my freshman and sophomore year, and now he is back as assistant coach so he always gets us ready.
  12. littleproffitt

    What is the rule for this?

    Matt Smith weighed 118.6 not 119.6
  13. littleproffitt


    Ok just wait until Saturday, Coach Walls said we will be attending the tri-dual between Caldwell, Ohio, and Ft Campbell
  14. littleproffitt

    Worst Cauliflower Ear

    the worst that i have seen is Troy Nichols, he said he had it bad in high school, to were he had to get it drained like every week
  15. littleproffitt


    2 of my friends have just came back from Parris Island and they both have changed alot Mikey Hale has made a complete turn-around from what he was before he was shipped there, he got in trouble like every day he said, then Jacob Jenkins didn't take it as serious as Mikey and still acts the same I was very surprised by the attitude changes, Mikey seems to have alot more respect for him and every one else.