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  1. EMS Coach Cardwell

    The Middle School List - August/September 2012

    Agreed. The hard part is convincing some of these athletes that they will never be the next John Wall or Anthony Davis. Lol!
  2. EMS Coach Cardwell

    The Middle School List - August/September 2012

    Great job Ranger. 121 and up is wide open. Hopefully before long we will have Elkhorn back in the top 3 or 4 for the school teams. Good luck to all this year. I can't wait to get rolling.
  3. EMS Coach Cardwell

    Woodford Co.

    I must have missed the discussion in the other forum (I'm getting old and miss things Lol!), just heard the news and was wanting to check its validity. Obviously I am not saying there has been any wrong doing, just excited to see more high level kids, that's all.
  4. EMS Coach Cardwell

    Woodford Co.

    I heard that Woodford just got in 3 out of state transfers that will put them back among the elite. Does anyone else know anything about this? Can someone confirm or deny? Personally, it doesn't make a difference to me, just thought it sounded good for them.
  5. EMS Coach Cardwell

    Will Brock be the first 5 timer in KY

    Pound for pound, Brock is the best wrestler in the State. I like Cooper and the Myers, but right now, Brock is the man. You dont have 3 high school State titles as a sophmore by accident. Just my opinion.
  6. EMS Coach Cardwell

    Class of 2012

    Fahy will be at Illinois, and Rucshelle is going to Wisconsin. Good luck guys!!!
  7. EMS Coach Cardwell

    Youth State Results

    I agree, its time to make Regionals a qualifying event. Have actual weight classes rather than what we have. One State Champ per weight class per age group. Makes face offs move along more quickly.
  8. EMS Coach Cardwell

    best finals match

    Although it wasn't a finals match, the most exciting match of the tournament had to be Caleb Canter and JJ Jude in the semis. Full of action and hard nose wrestling. Absolutely loved it.
  9. EMS Coach Cardwell

    New rules for KY MS Wrestling

    Ignorant question huh? Obviously you are really hung up on the whole Tyler issue. I didn't bring Tyler in this conversation, you did. I didn't say one time that Tyler had been recruited, you did. St. X recruits....period! Trinity recruits.....period! Lexington Catholic recruits.....period! Get it? I may have Alzheimers, but at least I'm not blind as a bat and can't understand English. Understand the words coming out of my mouth, recruiting happens! A lot! All the time! This was never a thread about you and your kid, like I said before belltones, Tyler is a great kid. I wish him the best. Bottom line is recruiting is a part of every sport.....period!!! Turn a deaf ear, close your eyes, and do whatever it takes to make you sleep at night.
  10. EMS Coach Cardwell

    New rules for KY MS Wrestling

    But would u do the same for St. X?
  11. EMS Coach Cardwell

    New rules for KY MS Wrestling

    In no way did I insinuate that private schools pay athletes. I do however know that recruiting is done in the private school sector. When someone pays tuition to a school, for the most part, the KHSAA can't touch them. Once again, if this was offered to me, I would use it to my advantage. Tyler is a great kid, I have no beef with him or the guys at River City or St. X. As a matter of fact, my old high school Coach was the same Coach that won several team State Championships at St. X in the 90's. Coach Q has definately done a great job. If River City or St. X has NEVER recruited an athlete, then my apologies.
  12. EMS Coach Cardwell

    New rules for KY MS Wrestling

    I believe the original question was "what was meant by the River City comment?" The general impression one would get is when you are associated (a feeder) with a private school (St. X) your have the advantage of being able to recruit. Nobody questioned ethics or integrity. No need to investigate something that private schools are allowed to do. You guys are the ones who immediately got defensive. I even admitted if I had that kind of possibility, I would definately.explore it. You want credit, here is some credit. River City is a good program. See, I think you guys are swell. Why do people feel like if your not kissing their rear, your disrespecting them. Quit being so #$*&?@ sensitive.
  13. EMS Coach Cardwell

    Question about Alltech Arena

    Wow, hopefully they have a rotating door. Surely they can't expect people to go all day without eating.
  14. EMS Coach Cardwell

    New rules for KY MS Wrestling

    If I may, I'm quite sure that bigedcoach meant simply what he said. River City is a club that feeds St. X. Recruiting starts early, more power to u if u can get away with it. "U, is meant in the generic term." This will probably get criticized, and that's ok. Not everyone has the luxury of pretty much hand picking a team. Trust me, if I could do it I would too.
  15. EMS Coach Cardwell

    Kentuckywrestling.com HS Rankings 2011/2012 - February 12

    It's like Christmas Eve!!! Whatcha got for us Ranger?!?!???!?!?!?!