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  1. dog101

    new scholarship for Kentucky wrestlers

    this scholarship is still available for this fall at U Of L. u of l aide office has the info.
  2. dog101

    RIP Taylor Widmer (Apollo) preseason #9

    just saw this thread. I know the feeling that these parents are going through. Nothing compares to what they are feeling now. I pray for these parents. If they need to talk to someone who has been through I will be glad to help in any way I can.
  3. dog101


  4. dog101

    State tournament time table

    just checked last years football schedule for the state finals. Kickoff for the last scheduled game was for 7:00 however this was for CST which means 8:00 EST. so the game would be over 10:00 or later and after interviews means that the teams and parents would be getting on the road from Bowling Green at about 11:00 p.m. EST. I guess late travel only applies to wrestling.
  5. dog101


    I want to remind all senior wrestlers and managers that are going to the University of Louisville this fall that the Jordan Murphy scholarship is available. This is a 4 year scholarship renewable each year. You can have someone from your schools guideance dept contact UofL for all the details.
  6. A new sholarship in the name of the late John Hardin wrestler Jordan Murphy has been established at the University of Louisville. This will be for wrestlers and mangers from high school programs in the state of kentucky. It will be first avaible to incoming freshman for the 2014-2015 year. In order to quailify for this you must have wrestled your junior and senior year or have been a manager these years and then attend the University of Louisville. This will be a 1 year scholarship renewable up to 4 years. It will about $1,000.00 per year . In 4 years there should be 4 scholarships out ( one each for freshman, sophmore,junior and senior students).
  7. dog101


    Agree with everything said here. I'm glad it looks like more kids are going. The year I took my son I think only 3 from Kentucky went. Dads/moms you will value the time you spent with your child and always look back fondly on it.
  8. dog101

    High School Kentucky Wrestling Association

    Sorry left coaches out of title of post. should be ky high school coaches wrestling association.
  9. Could somebody please let me know who next years president is going to be and how to get in touch with them. I have some information I need to pass on to them. Thanks , Nick Murphy
  10. dog101

    Cooper- Myers Battle !!!!

    Mpire, thank you for the kind comments I enjoyed them very much. I did not have the ability to train my kids, when they started wrestling I had never even seen a high school wrestling match. Jordan did not start wrestling till the 8th grade so I needed to make up ground as fast we could. that is how we got to Miron's. The funny thing about Miron is that what he shows at his exibitions is not what he teaches at his camps. You do nothing but practice inside trips, out side sweeps, single/double legs etc, then the counters to each of these moves. obtw I still have the rocks in my house that the kids used at his camps. lol ps I am looking foward to be able to watch your kids wrestle live for the 1st time at state this year.
  11. dog101

    Cooper- Myers Battle !!!!

    mpire. Just saw 1 of your posts with comments about Miron in it. You are right he does charge what he thinks he's worth. There is much more to this man than you give him credit for. You may not belive it but he cares very deeply for those kids that come to him. A good example of this is when Jordan passsed away this summer he cleared his schedule and made the 4-5 hour trip to come to his furneal though we had not trained with or seen him for the 2 1/2 years since jordan graduated from high school. He still calls me every month to month and a half to check on me and the rest of the family. This post is not meant to a shot at you or to even try to change anyones ideas of what they believe about him. It just me letting people know that there is another side of the man that very few people know about. nick murphy
  12. dog101

    Prayer Request-John Hardin Wrestling Family

    please excuse the tardiness of this post. It has been very diffcult to write. I am the father of Jordan Murphy. His mother , his sibblings and I would like to thank the Kentucky wrestling community for the prayers, cards, visits and encouragemet we have recieved. this has been a great comfort to us. nick murphy and family
  13. dog101

    spring wrestling

    does anybody have a list oh who is holding tournaments this spring (in Ky)?
  14. dog101


    ryledad, I'm sure you now what DMD means.
  15. dog101

    pre-season wrestlers

    agree 100%. I have spent countless hours in Ohio observing 10,11,12 year olds at camps. there technique and wrestling i.q. would put 90% of our high school wrestlers to shame. this only comes from starting wrestling at such a young age.