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  1. Josh_Claywell

    Venue for next year..

    Only problem with that is the KHSAA is going to want a centrally located venue.
  2. Josh_Claywell

    3 Annual KYWCA Girls State

  3. Josh_Claywell

    3 Annual KYWCA Girls State

  4. Josh_Claywell

    3 Annual KYWCA Girls State

    Here are a few pics from Saturday.
  5. Josh_Claywell

    Toughest region weight class?

    It's gonna be fun watching those three duke it out at region.
  6. Josh_Claywell

    Updated State Duals Information

    I like this idea. A lot.
  7. Josh_Claywell 2020-21 Rankings - January 26

    Reeves went 1-2 Saturday, losing to Beltran at 113 and Meade County's Tyler Lattin at 120.
  8. Josh_Claywell

    Coach Tom Castle

    Coach will be greatly missed. We hit it off during his days at Anderson County, when they were still in Region 2, and would always catch up whenever we saw each other at State after the realignment. Rest in Peace, Coach.
  9. Josh_Claywell

    Football playing wrestlers

    LaRue County, off the top of my head, has Tucker Shelton and Thomas Boone -- there may be a few I'm forgetting.
  10. Josh_Claywell

    State Finals Video

    And then what?
  11. Josh_Claywell


    Is video replay used by any high school association?
  12. Josh_Claywell

    2019 state tournament firsts

    Coach Cullen has had some characters on his teams over the years. Bailey was (and most likely still is) a larger than life personality that I'm glad I got to write about.
  13. Josh_Claywell

    2019 state tournament firsts

    The Dungeon is no longer there, sadly. If it was, I'd be all for moving it back to Frankfort.
  14. Josh_Claywell

    2019 state tournament firsts

    That was Anthony Bailey in his junior or senior year.
  15. Josh_Claywell

    State Updates

    When was the last time Woodford didn't have any finalists?