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  1. FarmBoy09

    i was surfing youtube and saw...

    i love how the ref and the other wrestler just turn around and walk away with the kid just laying there
  2. FarmBoy09

    NFL worst team

    lions are completely the worst team, 0-7 record terrible.
  3. FarmBoy09

    Most points in a match have you ever seen at state

    2008 state choate vs lafayette 22-11
  4. by the way 6minutes since you want to pick on me a year after my state championship but that call is also the only reason ashbrooke and I even went into over time. I had that call against me to tie the match up and send it into overtime.
  5. :-( yea its true im no longer wrestling, but get all the facts right before everything gets started. im not going to north hardin at all, wrestling was my passion and i loved it. i spent my whole summer wrestling in tournaments. school came around and everything was fine i was making good grades and not missing school. i was in good shape from soccer, yes i was 20 pounds over 160 but i was in good shape. what happened was personal and there was nothing i could have done about it. dusty sorry to let you down but life isnt always easy. coach thanks for thinking i could have changed peoples minds this year and to everyone that talked bad about me and wasnt a choate fan or anything then oh well i guess i just gave you one less wrestler to get on here and talk about.
  6. FarmBoy09

    08-09 Line-ups

    hopefully we will have david koewn this season at heavy weight
  7. FarmBoy09

    Ky wrestler now Ultimate fighter

    i just started trainin last week in mma.
  8. FarmBoy09

    best freshman

    i disagree with age being a factor in someones wrestling. it doesnt matter how old a wrestler is. what matters is how hard the wrestler works at becoming a better wrestler.
  9. FarmBoy09

    Coach Jason has a son.

    Congrats coach jason
  10. FarmBoy09

    for class of 09 wrestlers

    i plan to be a repeat state champ and havin an undefeated record
  11. FarmBoy09

    Richard Brown named Trinity head coach

    Congrats Coach Brown
  12. FarmBoy09

    New high school rankings are out

    its really good to see so many of us ranked nationally
  13. FarmBoy09

    Head wrestling job openings

    Not 100% positive but prp may be lookin
  14. FarmBoy09

    Tournament of Champions

    i think im going
  15. FarmBoy09

    State tourney Hair do

    thanks the apology bear...the hair was just an extra