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  1. prwrestler13008

    Region 2 Rankings 1-5-08

    justin pitcher will not be wrestling 135 this year
  2. Lasley will stay at 189 i posted that earlier already
  3. prwrestler13008

    region 2 duals

    Central Hardin's results: Central Hardin- 48 North Hardin- 24 CHHS-73 Nelson County-6
  4. i need to post two things 1. (145) James Shinault is out for the season due to a shoulder injury against Jamie Pile in our scrimmage against them 2. (171) Tyler Lasley does not plan to drop down to 171 he is staying at 189 this season
  5. prwrestler13008

    weight system

    but isn't there a way to check it online by ourself?
  6. prwrestler13008

    weight system

    how do i find out how much i need to weigh for my next match?
  7. prwrestler13008


    any predictions anyone?
  8. prwrestler13008


    who is all attending and whos are all finals predictions?
  9. prwrestler13008

    Oldham CO. Super Duals

    see any good match-ups during the tournament?
  10. prwrestler13008

    Oldham CO. Super Duals

    Whos all attending and hows the set-up whos wrestling who?
  11. prwrestler13008

    Region 2 Finals?

    What are your predictions for Region 2 Finals??
  12. prwrestler13008

    region 2

    Well heres central hardins line-up for this season 103-? Alex Courtois is not wrestling so idk 112-Kyle Terry 119-Ross Engle (yes i know trust me he'll make it) 125-? 130-Steven Rivera 135-Jon Erbele 140-David Ward 145-James Shinault 152-? 160-Andrew Longo 171-Tyler Lasley 189-? 215-? 285-?
  13. prwrestler13008

    Cumberland Wrestling Camp

    wat if i dont have a roomate? im trying to find someone to go with me but wat if i cant find anyone?
  14. prwrestler13008

    Cumberland Wrestling Camp

    ok i have a question and it seems my coaches dont care but anyway does anyone know if im aloud to sign up at the university?