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  1. DrCradle


    John Lampe.................is has the force! :mrgreen:
  2. National rankings. http://intermatwrestle.com/rankings/high_school
  3. DrCradle

    National Rankings

    There are 3 or 4 national rankings..... Here is one http://news.theopenmat.com/2010/03/toms-national-individual-high-school-wrestling-rankings-3-10-10/ Caleb Ervin ranked 17th at 135.
  4. any updates........ especially who advances to finals.
  5. DrCradle

    Region 4

    would you pick me some lottery numbers :-D
  6. DrCradle

    region 4 wrestling tonight

    Hope we get updates through the evening for us poor souls unable to attend.
  7. Check out the prosposal for next year weight classes.... The NFHS usually releases new rules in the spring. Last year the rule modifications were announced May 4th. I would presume sometime around then. http://www.mpssaa.org/assets/wintersports/wrestling/Proposed%20Wrestling%20Weight%20Class%20Options%20(2009).pdf with all the snow give you something to think about!
  8. DrCradle

    Region 4

    When's the seeding meeting? And can we get the brackets posted?
  9. DrCradle

    Region 4

    Someone was talking about Region 4 on a friday night? any truth? Is it at hoops or Moore h.s.
  10. DrCradle

    fahy in indiana?

    ridge 44 why would want to see fahy wrestle c phillips-Union co 103. fahy can't make 103. Paul Beck -Mishwawka is currently ranked #1 in Indiana at 112. or Brandon Nelson-Lawrence north ranked #1 in Indiana at 119. Fahy is a very good wrestler but this thread is like comparing apples and oranges. also, where do you get your National rankings, I was just looking at win Mag. rankings? In closing...There is No "I" in team.
  11. DrCradle

    Best worst excuse

    state duals cancelled, because of snow. :wink:
  12. DrCradle


    Indiana votes/eval, etc. officials. List comes out in december. Coaches(head coach only) places a point value 0-5. To work a state finals MUST have a certain total. this may have changed since I was involved.
  13. This has been a very interesting topic.............................. Can't wait to see the topic when mark hall wrestles in the Middle school state tournament. :-D
  14. DrCradle

    Dragon Inv.

    coney island. 8-)
  15. DrCradle

    Dragon Inv.

    where was fahy? Interesting question. Prob.....weight. having a hard time makin weight...waiting for regionals and state.