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  1. ubtappin

    Sites, sounds and quotes of 2013 State Championships

    1. No, he will not. 2. Maybe a bun?? 3. Hopefully 4. Duh 5. Maybe a slow walk 6. My guess would be the T-shirt fanner, hehe 7. If he chose to, I'm sure he could 8. Someone from Johnson Central 9. If they're retreiving a beach ball then more power to them. 10. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, keep that dude in there!!!!!
  2. ubtappin

    Class of 2012

    Corey McCall - 144 wins, 28 losses, 78 pins, 3 time regional champ, State finishes - 5th, 7th
  3. ubtappin

    Question about Alltech Arena

    I heard that there is not going to be a hospitality room for coaches this year? I got the impression that it's the arena that won't allow it. Anybody know if it's true or what's up with that?
  4. ubtappin

    145 Bracket

    Who of note has Polley beaten?
  5. ubtappin

    Question about Alltech Arena

    Personally I loved the atmosphere in Frankfort and wish it was still being held there.
  6. ubtappin

    Question about Alltech Arena

    The Farnham Dudgeon Civic Center in Frankfort seats roughly 5,000 people. I would say it's pretty near capacity for the State Tournament. I've been told that 6 mats are going to be placed at one end of Alltech Arena and we would basically just be using half of the arena. Online it says that Alltech Arena seats 5,700. Seems to me that there would not be near enough seating and some of the views from seats near the center or opposite end of the Arena would be horrible. Anyone know if this is true??
  7. ubtappin


    I'll go with Troxell at 152.
  8. ubtappin

    Region 7 Predictions (personal predicitions)

    Western Hills Did Lopez wrestle at State Duals? Don't remember seeing him there.
  9. ubtappin

    Match ups in region 6

    Oh,ok, my bad. I've seen so many quarters at state that should have been finals. I didn't realize that there was any common sense at all built into the random draw.
  10. ubtappin

    Match ups in region 6

    Or all of those could be 1/4 final matches at state.
  11. ubtappin

    State dual results.

    By "owned" I really just meant won. Owned the wins. That's all. Not dominated.
  12. ubtappin

    State dual results.

    Larue pretty much owned from 160 to 285, Union owned the rest.
  13. ubtappin

    Region 7 Duals

    Hopefully McCall will be back too.
  14. ubtappin

    Region 7 Predictions (personal predicitions)

    Is Lopez back for sure? I heard he was def. gone for the season.
  15. ubtappin

    South Oldham Dragon Invitational?

    The best match I've seen all year was Ruschell and Carr at the Raider Rumble.