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  1. three

    Region 6 rankings/ discussion

    Where and When are the Regionals ?
  2. three


    How about each Regional tournaments; date , time and location . Thanks in advance
  3. three

    Feel Good Small Guy Thread

    Sullivan won a title 9th, 10th, 11th and got some rough stalling calls in his title match his senior year .
  4. three


    First off , Thanks to Ranger for the rankings. My question is what is the lowest ranked kid to win state ? The rankings are usually fairly close.
  5. three

    Longest High School win Streak in KY

    Just wondering ? Are we talking truely undefeated while in highschool or excluding out of season tournaments ? Have we had a truely undefeated wrestler while in highschool ? I think Travis Sulivan was undefeated until his final highschool match.
  6. three

    National Tournaments

    What are the toughest tournaments and do we have any Ky kids going ?
  7. three

    Abbreviated Ranger Report

    Are you saying ATM might be wearing green next year ?
  8. three

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    You cant compare the overall compitition in the light weights and heavier weights to the other weights . Easy to be dominant when you are a man among boys. Two perfect examples are Travis Sullivan and Austin Meyers. Two awesome wrestlers, but thier weight classes are not comparable to the middle weight classes. The middle weight classes are always loaded with great matches ex.... Cooper/Meyers . And even though he lost his finals match his senior year, one of my favs is SAM. But right now I think Brock is top dog!
  9. three

    Abbreviated Ranger Report

    Well Union did win !!! Of course they scored the tournament wrong. Sounds like some camel toes got stepped on to me. Way to get the job done Union !
  10. three


    Ok , did some research. I think Mr. Johnson is Dixie's first. Again congrats !
  11. three


    Congrats to Johnson from Dixie. Most pins quickest time and a title! Who was Dixie's last state champ ?
  12. three

    First Five Timer

    Awesome job Brock!
  13. three

    Region 6

    Where and what time is region 6 being held ?
  14. three


    Any seniors know where they are going to wrestle next year?
  15. three

    Covington Catholic to start Wrestling in 2013

    Probrably not. 220 will most likely be at the same strength that it has been for the past two years.