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  1. kyrj

    Next Season

    Putting this out for next season please keep it mind when you make your schedule. MCMS HOLIDAY DUALS.docx
  2. kyrj

    ? for officials

    Are wrestlers allowed to have a mustache?
  3. McCreary Central High School will be hosting a big brother dual meet on 11/24/18. Info is attached. McCreary Central High School Turkey Classic Big Brother Duals.docx
  4. I am with McCreary Middle coach.
  5. Is anyone having anything during this week?
  6. kyrj

    How many wrestle YEAR around?

    Two very good post. I agree you have to let them decide what they want to do , if you force it on them they may lose their love for the sport. IMO I think kids are specializing too early and that is causing burnout for whatever sport it is. I encouraged my son to try everything and never kept him from playing any sport, they will find what fits them best.
  7. kyrj

    Middle School/ Youth

    Youth and middle school need to be separated, if you want the season to continue add a JV tournament or something of that nature. You are taking away from both levels when you make youth up to fourteen years of age. I understand that we are doing our best to get more kids involved in the sport but I do not think this is the right answer. I had athletes wrestle youth and middle both and I just think it needs to be separated somehow, not sure how but there has to be a better way.JMO.
  8. kyrj

    Distance for district

    We are a school sponsored team , my AD assured me we are covered.
  9. kyrj

    Distance for district

    I could be wrong but I think the majority of the teams in district 8 are school sponsored teams, not sure though. District travel can be an issue at times, but with the rotation of the district tournament I think it evens out a little.
  10. I think Johnson County wins the team title for the region.
  11. kyrj

    Middle School/ Youth

    If youth is now up to 14 years old , why do we still have Middle School and youth?
  12. kyrj

    Distance for district

    Only 40% of the teams at the middle school level are school teams?
  13. I have sent emails to the KSWA with no response, I do not understand why we can not get a response from who ever is handling the process for the KSWA.
  14. kyrj

    Mustang Duals

    This was as of 11/30/16 Madison Bate North Oldham Twenhofel Elkhorn Larue Newport Scott County Tates Creek EJ Hayes Connor Fairdale Mcnabb Anderson Woodland South Oldham Central Hardin McCreary Moore Shamrock Fern Creek
  15. kyrj


    TEAM SCORES 1. Walton Verona 248.0 2. ... Woodford County 196.5 3. Larue County 186.0 4. Christian County 117.0 5. McCreary Central 112.0 6. Hopkinsville 109.0 7. Fern Creek 93.0 8. Bondurant Middle School 78.5 9. Meade County 77.0 10. Fairdale 75.0 11. John Hardin 71.0 12. Boyle County 67.0 13. Central Hardin 60.0 14. Bardstown 36.0 15. South Oldham 26.0 16. Taylor County 23.0 17. KY Stars Wrestling Academy 17.0 18. Moore Middle 12.0