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  1. The Deputy

    Live Feed For Sate?

    Wasn’t even at the tournament Jack. I had to stream it because I was on call and couldn’t make it to Winchester. I just asked a simple question. If you couldn’t hear it that’s your problem because I heard it plain as day. It’s very unprofessional for a table worker or another official to criticize another official. That clown was wanting the match to end on a stall call instead of it being decided in OT. By your reaction I can tell your either the clown that stalled a kid out after scoring 15 points in a match at last years state tournament or one of his family members. Both of the matches that I’m talking about the was against a Great Crossing kid. That’s not a coincidence. If he was indeed working the table this year it’s a great improvement over having him on the mat. I could care less about how many people likes me on here so go ahead and give me another minus for saying this. That official it terrible and should never officiate a post season match again. I thought this years state tournament was officiated very well.
  2. The Deputy

    Live Feed For Sate?

    Who are the clowns that are sitting at the finals table that are talking about the officials? Whoever it is felt like the 132 finals should have ended on a stalling call instead of letting it go to overtime. Even questioned why Rocky didn’t call the stalling that would have given the kid from Great Crossing the win.
  3. Big time swing and miss on your first post! Are you really going to try and stir something over the 16th and 21st ranked wrestlers at 215?
  4. The Deputy

    You Make the Call

    That’s truly a shame. This kid worked so hard to make the podium and will never get another chance because of incompetence by the lead official. This wrestler’s high school career ended but yet we will see the same official get another chance at the state level again.
  5. The Deputy

    You Make the Call

    It only happens when you have an official calling a state tournament who doesn’t belong there. When this guy is officiating a match almost everyone that’s involved worries about what he’s going to do next.
  6. The Deputy

    120 finals prayer

    Very proud of you Breyden. That’s a great way to let your light shine!
  7. The Deputy

    Not good KHSAA

    I wonder if it’s a coincidence that the official lives in Georgetown and the Great Crossing kid benefited from his poor decision? This guy for years has been pulling this junk and until recently only been invited back to officiate the state tournament. A few years back he was only a table worker at the state tournament because of poor officiating on the regional and state level in years prior. Are we in that bad of shape in Kentucky to bring him back to officiate the post season? What he did to this kid should be investigated and he shouldn’t be allowed to officiate the post season again.
  8. The Deputy

    Not good KHSAA

    Was it the same official that just decided the 150 pound state championship with a stalling call with 8 seconds to go in the third? That clown needs to be ran out of the gym and never needs to be invited back.
  9. The Deputy

    Top picks for Middle School

    Now was that very nice? It’s to early in the day for you to be already sauced and running your mouth on here snow flake. Let’s meet up next week at the state tournament. I’d like to meet you.
  10. The Deputy

    Top picks for Middle School

    Looks like the crying Martin County fan is back.
  11. Good grief you’re probably for participation trophies also. You act as if all this is a result of some back room shenanigans but no matter how much you cry and whine about it, it’s all in the rules. Just going by the fact that “you’ve heard it from one of the kids coaches” just proves my point of where you’re from and what team you’re a part of. I guess if you can’t beat Johnson Central on the mat, it’s much easier to get on a message board to discredit them and act as if they’re doing someone illegal. I’ll give you a little heads up though, life is unfair and you get out of it what you put into it. Life will always be unfair to some because of instead of working their butts off to get better, it’s easier for them to whine and cry and make excuses as to why they’re not as successful as others. BeastMode has every right to be proud of his kid and shouldn’t have to put up with someone down playing his sons accomplishments just simply because they don’t like the team he competes for because of their success. Jealousy is a terrible thing.
  12. It is but he’s looking for any excuse to justify why his team is no longer relevant.
  13. Show me the post where anyone was bragging. Your just butt hurt because your team has been irrelevant for a long time and you’re looking for any excuse in the world to make up for that.
  14. Why don’t you just cry a little more pal. You can cry all you want but the facts are if they turn 19 after the start of their senior year they’re eligible. That’s the rule and many teams across the state take advantage of that. Maybe if your team spent more time getting better, instead of making excuses why other teams are better than you, you wouldn’t be so bad. Which team do you root for?
  15. The Deputy

    No podium or awards

    All they want is your money. The crazy coronabros have lost their minds.