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  1. sting

    Middle School State

    Any results?
  2. sting

    2015 Ranger Report

    Thanks Dutch that works for me!
  3. sting

    2015 Ranger Report

    Any idea why I can't open the document? Says unable to read document. An error occurred while reading the document.
  4. sting

    Semifinal Predictions

    Oops semis my bad.
  5. sting

    Semifinal Predictions

    Won't Hudson-Andreoni meet in Quarters?
  6. sting

    The Dragon

    Got it backwards.
  7. sting

    Cardinal Duals - opening this weekend

    Track wrestling has the tournament listed but nothing there when you open the link.
  8. sting

    Who are the legit contenders for the next 3-4 years?

    Max Andreoni - Woodford County. Won middle school state at 140 and placed 7th at 138 as an 8th grader. Great two weekends of wrestling.
  9. sting

    random draw

    Brackets are on trackwrestling.
  10. sting


    Andreoni is from Woodford Co. not fern creek.
  11. sting

    State Duals Sectionals

    results on track wrestling.
  12. sting

    Campbell vs the world

    Stalling, come on, first you state yesterday that two wrestler don't make that much of an impact. Then today you state No doubt the Myers will make a big impact?!?!?! What are you 12 yrs old or running for Congress!
  13. sting

    State Championship Predictions

    3 rd, you better double check the 07 brackets then look at 08 .
  14. sting


    Ok for the record and for what it is worth, he wrestled 4 matches at 160, and one match at 152, and none at 170 at state duals. So all I was saying is he had to weigh 154 to wrestle 152 at state duals. Their 160 bumped up to 170 all day.