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  1. Hello all, My name is Jason Bryant, I'm the lead writer/webmaster for InterMat (www.intermatwrestle.com) and I'm looking for someone that could aid in our knowledge of Kentucky wrestling. The duties are simple, just keep us informed of the happenings in Kentucky, submit wrestlers for national ranking consideration and give us a heads up on when the state tournament results and such have been finished. There is one larger task that goes along with it -- helping compile the "Wrestling 48" for the state. It's a list-style breakdown of the Top 10 recruits (seniors only) for the InterMat Premium Service. Here's a short example Top Recruit Joe Jones Central H.S., Virginia Beach, Va. Projected College Weight: 141 Background: (This is where some notes and credentials go) What makes him #1: (Talent, desire, strong grades, more credentials) The rest of the Top 10 Name School, City Projected College Weight Background: (credentials) I've compiled a premilinary list of the Top 10 seniors, but since I only see a few KY wrestlers each year, it's a task to make sure this is correct as it can be. Email me at jbryant@intermatwrestle.com if you're willing in helping with this task. We provide state reps a Premium Service account for as long as they are the state rep. Thanks in advance, JB