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  1. Insidetrip

    Warner vs Peace

    Who do you think would win and why?
  2. Insidetrip

    Campbellsville vs Cumberlands

    What lineups do both teams have?Are both Murtons varsity?
  3. Insidetrip


    No Kentucky boys were let downs,Scotts first match was against the seventh place finisher,Bryants first match was against the second place guy.He lost to usary of tennessee in overtime 11-9,2 time state champ.At these bigger tournanents ky boys get bad seedings and have little hope.Thanks to all thier effort and for the guts to go against the best,you have made us proud.
  4. Insidetrip

    Another dose of DOMINATION

    You might have a beef with the call but not with Bryant,he tried to wrestle but the trainer said no way.To boo a hurt wrestler who was also his last match was very very bad. :evil:
  5. Insidetrip

    130LBS @ Region 8

    It wouldnt be an upset if Kilburn won the weight class he beat Patrick at 135 last year at region.He will probably be the 2 seed with his record.That might leave Knester a 4 seed and in the same bracket as Howard.I have know idea really just guessing.It will be Matney vs Upchurch on that one.This region might be decided in seedings alone.
  6. Insidetrip

    130LBS @ Region 8

    How will they be seeded,that will affect the outcome?
  7. Insidetrip

    JCHS McDonalds Classic

    Ashland didn't have a great team showing with their 130 Stafford getting injured in his second match, and their 171 Zacor not being able to attend with sickness. I noticed McCreary was missing most of their varsity team.
  8. Insidetrip

    State Duals Results?

    What else happen at state duals,it will probably be weeks before it is on the kwca web site.Please post how your team did.
  9. Insidetrip

    DAnville invotional

    There have been changes,so who is going know ?
  10. Insidetrip

    Rebel Rankings 2005/2006 - #6

    I also watched the match between Poole and Bryant. You need to get the score right, you have posted two different scores... which both are incorrect. The score was 12-7 and Bryant got a last second takedown to make it 14-7.
  11. Insidetrip

    Feb. 4th tourneys

    Team needs a meet to go to the 4th please help.
  12. Insidetrip

    region 8

    Kilburn is tough so is Collins good luck hope you win region.
  13. Insidetrip

    Caleb Wood?

    Alot of guys are injured anyonr know when they will be back? 112 Lewis 119 Wood 125 Veach 135 Murton
  14. Insidetrip


    I believe he would place higher at 135,what does everyone else think ?
  15. Insidetrip


    What was the Parks, Eck rematch like?