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  1. sdcecil

    Unbeaten wrestlers 1/23/22

    Is the 165 Phillips wrestler the one Walls beat by 10 yesterday?
  2. sdcecil

    State will be on Trackwrestling!!!!

    Thank you Jon Carr!
  3. sdcecil

    Place your bets ! Place your bets !

    JT Adams got a poor seed last year, busted the bracket obviously and won it. Rider should do the same. I hope he goes injury free and is able to finish the season unlike last year.
  4. sdcecil

    Place your bets ! Place your bets !

    High school losses don’t count either, hard to separate and be unbiased...I’m obviously not involved anymore; just a fan these days. Good luck to all the kids competing!
  5. sdcecil

    State finals location

    Back at horse park is what I have heard.
  6. sdcecil

    2018 132# class

    I was always in the wrong class haha.
  7. sdcecil


    Shout out to the coaches association or whomever on moving the mats and making the finals more of an event that it was previously.
  8. sdcecil

    State finals location

    It needs to be tight; Let’s fill the stands and make it loud! Broadbent I think would work as spectators on the floor wouldn’t impact the viewing of those in seats.
  9. sdcecil

    Veterans Memorial-November 3

    Sorry coach, Caldwell Co. won’t be attending; not sure who stated we were. Shaun Cecil Tiger Wrestling Club Caldwell Co. Wrestling
  10. Interested as well.
  11. sdcecil

    Father Ryan - Johnny Drennan Memorial Tournament

    Weather was a factor last year.
  12. sdcecil

    Middle School Ranking 1-22-17

    Nichols is in the 5th grade.
  13. sdcecil

    Christian County Tourney

    Gray at 160; not Walls.
  14. sdcecil

    Joe Carr VS Andrew Tinsley

    The State match was no comparison to the match these guys wrestled at Hoptown.
  15. sdcecil

    Now and Then.

    I wrestled from 1993-98. I wrestled in region 1 I also choose to root for region 1.